Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Immersion Assembly

Do you know that the Immersion Assembly was today? On Monday it was the Immersion Assembly it
was about art Mr. Burt was dressed as a skeleton and Miss Glaze was a flower. Then Mr. Burt said “Give it up for Team One” Team One had a little movie about art it was cool they were very cool the had a fun movie and at the end it showed all four in a pose with face paint .

Team 2 had flowers, Miss Glaze and Miss She was the flowers there movie was good. The painter painted a good picture there were two pictures. One was a vase with flowers and a different with flowers on the grass.

It was now team threes turn Miss Barks, Mrs Lavakula and Mrs Tuala was a funny one when ever Miss Barks turned to us the teachers move and do anything while Miss Barks is looking at us.  When Mrs Lavakula had her bit she duggied next to Mrs Barks.           

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In the holidays

I am looking forward to going to my cousins in Christchurch. I really miss them I hope I get to see them. My cousins are called Kallum and Brock.