Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Infection Part 1

One morning lived a Young man with hopes and dreams named Lee he lived in a Penthouse overviewing the world. He woke one morning to find his son missing was he kidnapped? So Lee went to the balcony and looked outside “What The!!” A car was upside down nearly about to burst into flames. But when he saw the car explode something arose to the surface Lee was in shock. He dashed to his phone to call his friend Vaifoa.

Vaifoa answered his phone “Hello?” Vaifoa asked “Hi Vaifoa its me Lee” “Listen bring some guys  to my penthouse” Lee said “Ok but why?” He replied, It took two minutes to tell Vaifoa and then he said “Ok I’m going to round them up see you in a bit” They both hung up and then Lee heard a knock on the door.

“Its Open” He said but no one entered so he looked through the hole in the door and saw it was Vaifoa and the guys, Lee opened the door and said “Do you want a drink?” They all answered Champagne. After they had a drink they got down to Business “So any ideas guys?” Lee wanted to come up with a plan but no one had ideas so Lee thought of two ways “Ok then no one has ideas well there is two options We go in smart or We go in Loud & Dumb” “We should go in smart but who knows how to sow?” Eric said. Everyone else wanted to go in loud and dumb so Lee went with loud and dumb.

“Ok guys look away cover your ears and go Lalalalalalalalalala until I tell you guys to stop” Lee said then after five minutes he told them to stop. They saw Chain Guns Machine Guns and all these WW1 and WW2 guns so then everyone was stunned. Lee had loads of ammo for the guns.

Lee, Eric & Vaifoa were squad one but everyone else had sorted themselves out so that there were five teams because there were only fourteen people so the squads had split up in different places and all had one walkie talkie per team. Squad Two and Four found each other so they combined to work with each other as Squad One was walking they meet up with the other four squads and then they all went to the fight them Loud and Dumb by shooting two packs Eric was hiding in a Bus and saw two zombies heading for him so he shot them.

Part 1 Part 2 coming soon!!! YEEHAW

Ambush: The Island

It was a great boat trip Lee and his two friends won in Deal Or No Deal. They went on a cruise until they ran out of gas and stopped at an Island “Oh great you forgot to fill the tank up” Vaifoa exclaimed “Hey its not my fault Faaiua was the one who used it for five hours” Lee replied as he turned to look at Faaiua, They all waited the night in the boat, Lee woke up and went to have a walk on the island. The others were still asleep.

Lee stopped and then had a rest as he was, he heard a noise “Hell-o Hello anyone there?” Lee got scared as he asked. Once Lee took a breath a potato bag went over his face and he couldn’t see so he didn’t struggle. Lee was tied up and as he woke he was over a huge lava pit. He saw Native Indians........(meanwhile back at the ship)........Vaifoa woke and saw Lee was missing he tried to wake Faaiua but it was no use so Vaifoa electrocuted him. Faaiua woke and yelled “WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA OF ELECTROCUTING ME BUB?” Vaifoa told him then they jumped out of the boat and went to find Lee.

Vaifoa and Faaiua were following the tracks until the stopped by a very huge tree “Climb it” Faaiua asked politely to Vaifoa “ OK” Vaifoa replied then he started climbing Faaiua started to whistle but then was taken away by the Native Indians so now it was up to Vaifoa to save them. But he was at the top of the tree. He saw the Indians hideout then he grabbed his map pinched a bit of blood then marked it on the part he then he put a trail on the map needed to go and ran there to save Faaiua & Lee.

Vaifoa stood there and then trees moved and he started transforming into a werewolf he was so full of rage that he grew bigger and stronger than the normal werewolf he became the Ultimate werewolf he destroyed all the Native Indians and then the moon went and it became morning so Vaifoa became human with----- lets not go there eh. So anyway Vaifoa wore some Indian clothes he tried to seal the lava pit but it was no use.

Vaifoa cut the rope on Faaiua’s and Faaiua burns but didn’t die, Vaifoa cut the rope with Faaiua underneath to catch Lee. After they were saved Lee found some Fuel and a Grappling hook and a bag with Unlimited Parachutes. Lee used the grappling hook and parachute to go Parasailing and they went home.

The were driving home until the ran out of gas....again “How do we run out of gas already?” Lee asked, “Dude we only had two minutes of fuel” Vaifoa replied...So Lee thought of an Idea then he said “Guys I have an Idea” “Ok” Faaiua & Vaifoa replied talking at the same time. Lee used the parachute after grappling onto a WW1 Helicopter. Then as they reached the land they saw green people sucking on brains or was it a prank. “I think we should run!!!!!” Lee yelled


Little Red Riding Hood DLO

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tortoise & The Hare

My name is Slowly Mc Slowly I am called that because I am very very very very slow.

As I look around I see the Hare jumping and running around “I have never won any medals apart from Bronze” I said to myself. As I’m eating some grass the stupid Hare comes over to me and starts yapping on and on and I nearly fell half asleep. Just then my friend comes and asks the Hare to a challenge. “Whom to be my next victim?” The hare asked “Hmm try face"...the fox was thinking... "Slowey” I was afraid against the Hare.

It was time for the big race I saw everyone backing up the Hare and only Mr. Fox was backing me up. I was waiting for Mr. fox to say Ready, Steady, Go, He yelled out and Speedy went flying across the fields but I was just slowly walking across Speedy was up the hill already, I looked at him and I felt depressed a bit but I kept walking. As I crossed the hill I went back down seeing the Hare was fast asleep in a Bush “This Is My Chance” I said in my head.

The Hare awoken and ran back I was sleeping in the Barn The Hare asked “Did We Win?” No one said anything “YOU LOST HA HA HA” Laughed Mr. Fox, The Hare Was Stunned. “Hehe I guess slow and steady will always win” said The Rat The Sheep & Mr. Fox. That day on I was never underestimated for being slow.