Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vampires On Christmas

One cold night on Christmas eve everyone was celebrating Christmas but little did everyone know that the undead were coming too... but not to celebrate Christmas. Everyone had their Christmas trees with decorations ready. Only, one man’s car broke down his name was Randy he loved his life right until now he tuned into the radio and heard a weather man through the radio “All citizens have to stay indoors there has been a terrible sto-------” the radio turned off his car started up and away he went to his home.

When Randy was home he saw vampires. Some were flying some weren't. His dog was with him. Randy was scared. His friend Bob was watching TV. “Hey Randy”, Bob said. “Hey” replied Randy. “You do know the undead are coming right?” “Yea I was watching TV thats how”, replied Bob. When they finished talking a vampire flew and went straight through the window. Randy tackled Bob out of the way, “RUN” yelled Randy.

When they were in Randy’s car his dog got in before the car drove off. “Phew”, Bob said. “You OK randy?” Yea I think” said Randy “Woof” said Buster. They thought they were safe but they weren’t. A vampire grabbed Randy by the top and nearly bit him but Bob grabbed his double-barrelled shotgun he hid under his vest. “DIE VAMPIRE DIE” he yelled, Randy then plunged his foot on the pedal and they were faster but a bit too fast. The vampire caught up and grabbed Randy again this time it dodged a shotgun bullet and bit Randy. “Ugh!!” Randy yelled.

Randy soon grew vampire teeth but was fighting the other vampire. Bob didn’t know who to shoot so he let them fight. All Bob did was control the car. Buster soon stood in action and hit the zombie attacking Randy. “Thanks Buster” Randy said slowly. Randy then grabbed the wheel and drove again. Soon they got to the Professor's Lab, Bob was dragging Randy into the Lab “Professor sorry to bother you but Randy was bit by a vampire moments ago and I need you to cure him please”, said Bob. “Ok I will see what I can do”, said the professor. “Thank you very much”, Bob said. Two days later Randy was cured the vampires were all dead and Randys dog was sleeping next to Randy.

With Thanks To Vaifoa And Lee For Editing My Work

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2013

Learning with a netbook is better because I love to write and also when we make mistakes we don’t need to rub out our writing instead we can delete it. I think it is really handy to have a netbook because you can go back and edit your writing when you need to. Things without a netbook would not be the same.

The thing that frustrates me is getting distracted by other things like games on that are on our desktop or the games online.  Also when you are doing your maths questions and it just goes to sleep and you have to re-enter your password.

What would make it better is improving on the internet.

School is better now with netbooks because its easier to write but when we had paper and pencil it was a bit hard to write because when you write for long you get tired arms.