Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Jandel and Buzzybee

Kiaora & welcome to NZ a very unique & special island. There are reasons for this, One is our multicultural population & the other, our isolated geographic location. NZ is filled with treasured kiwiana that we hope to share with you.

The term tiki refers to a carved human figure and was and is part of the Maori and other Pasifka peopless culture. If you look at the tiki you will see greenstone with red, grey and dark blue. The tiki is pre-European.

The jandel that has a strap between the big and second toe. The name is called jandel, The jandel is rubber with a trade mark in NZ 1940 of being easy to put on and sometimes slipped off while you walk with them. These days you get different pairs and sizes!!

Making Pt England Uniform Work Better

Making uniforms better at Pt England is that the colour it’s too red, we need more colors like Rasta or fire colors. The problem is that it is it has a plain color I want to change the way that Pt England’s uniform is designed.

I chose the colours rasta and fire because it seemed kind of a hot color and cold color mixed together to make it into a hot color.

What makes my new design better than the old one is that it has just red not any fun colors that kids would want to wear like a rasta and a fire color with a super fire look it would seem better on kids who are intersted in Frangeypany and rasta or fire with cold colors

Friday, August 26, 2011


On Thursday Room 13 went to badminton we sat down on the hall floor Donna (Our coach) showed us how to use a racquet and how to hit a shuttle so we wouldn’t make the shuttle drop off our racquets right after we throw the shuttle up in the air.

After Donna showed us we had a go, Me and Mosa were partners I served Mosa he hit the shuttle back to me and then I said “Great hit” we were still hitting the shuttle after we had finished we did something different one of us from each group had to have a cone and shuttle and the partner had to use there racquet trying to hit the shuttle while the other person in the group, had to try and get the shuttle into the cone.

Donna demonstrated how to get the shuttle into the cone, Uili was chosen to help Donna demonstrate. Uili had his racquet in his hand and Donna had her cone and shuttle in her hand Donna threw her shuttle at Uili and he used his racquet to hit the shuttle then Donna went and caught the shuttle with her cone after Donna said “Room 13 go and try it your selves” then we all did Mosa threw the shuttle to me and then I swung my bat and then I said “Mosa get the shuttle” Then Mosa got the shuttle safely in to the cone.

I felt sweety then it was time to swap so I had the cone and shuttle and he had the racquet I said “Mosa are you ready” and he said “Yes” So I served the shuttle Mosa hit it I almost got the shuttle then Mosa told me “You can try better than that, But nice try anyway Francis” Then I said “Mosa are you ready” and this time I got the shuttle in the cone.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beep Test

On Monday morning we had a immersion assembly after mornig tea we had a beep test our beep test was on the courtyard, we started with the girls going first then at level 5 stage 5 some of the girls got sent out of the game because some of them wasn't fast enough for level 5 stage 5, the girls at least have to run 20 meters or 10 meters when 5 girls were left when all of the girls got out except for Kashya she was running up and down very fast when she got out on level 9 stage 7 she was puffing hard then she lied on the ground she was very tired then it was the boys turn I survived not long in it I only got out on stage 3 level 4 then the others was getting tired and puffing huh huh then Sosaia said to Iisa on level 13 stage 7 "Wait up Iisa I want to catch up with you on stage 14" Then Sosaia got out.

Beep Test Room 13 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.