Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Jandel and Buzzybee

Kiaora & welcome to NZ a very unique & special island. There are reasons for this, One is our multicultural population & the other, our isolated geographic location. NZ is filled with treasured kiwiana that we hope to share with you.

The term tiki refers to a carved human figure and was and is part of the Maori and other Pasifka peopless culture. If you look at the tiki you will see greenstone with red, grey and dark blue. The tiki is pre-European.

The jandel that has a strap between the big and second toe. The name is called jandel, The jandel is rubber with a trade mark in NZ 1940 of being easy to put on and sometimes slipped off while you walk with them. These days you get different pairs and sizes!!

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  1. Hi Francis,

    Your story is very cool and it is very special to New Zealand because your story bis about hidden kiwiana.Nice picture as-well.Thats all for now.I can't wait for more from you.

    From shalom vaela'a


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