Thursday, February 28, 2013

First Time As An Actual Ambassador

Here Is A Little Preview As An Ambassador For The First Time Please Leave A Comment it will really be helpful if you leave a comment thanks

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fishing In The Holidays

On Saturday I went fishing with my cousin Brock and poppa, we packed the fishing rods, bait and some lunch then we went to Pt England Beach we fished on the groyne. I said “ I can feel a bite on my line” so I started reeling but by the time I finished reeling the bait and the fish was gone. “Oh man i didn’t get the fish” I said “Well at least you got a bite” said Brock. I grabbed out another piece of bait and put it on my hook, as i was doing it my cousin caught a fish “I got one fish” he said “Well lets put it in the bucket and let it swim around” My Poppa said. Brock put the fish in the bucket filled of water, “Your first fish today Brock” I said.

I was getting hungrier so i had my sandwich. I waited for a fish then i felt a bite, i started reeling and caught one “I caught one” I told Brock and my poppa. “Good job Francis put it in the bucket” Said my poppa. We all waited it took nearly forever but then we all felt a bite we caught a fully white fish. We all put them in the bucket Me and Brock tried to pick up one of the fish but they kept swimming fast in circles it nearly made me dizzy.

It was nearly time to go but i didn’t want to go because it was fun. Before we left I caught a big fish “No way” We all said “I’ll tip the other fish out and we will put that fish in and have it for dinner tomorrow” said my poppa. It was getting dark so we went home had some dinner. “I caught a big fish and we will be having it tomorrow for dinner” I said.