Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ext Pizza YUM YUM

Thursday Week One, The  extension group made pizzas but first we had to answer some questions about Labour Day on our site. After we finished that we had to partner up, my partner was Jordan S. We both planned what our pizza would look like, I’ll show both the planning and the before & after. Anyway after our planning we started to make the pizza.

We then got to start to make the pizza, I didn’t really like the planning but it did help me & Jordan we first got a base then next we spread tomato paste onto it, we put a whole lot of cheese onto it we were too late to put on the normal salami so we put on the spicy salami, but to be honest it wasn’t really spicy i think it was a bit more chili, but next we set the green capsicum around the edges we set about 8 for the 8 hours working day  we then added some ham and Jordan put a whole lot of cheese on that was to be the people who had an 8 hour working day but seen they were in the oven but even though they were still the people.

We then cut it up and handed some slices out to the teachers me and Jordan gave some out to Jarold, Mr S & Miss King I wondered if they liked it? I bet they  didn’t like it...... I bet they LOVED it! We then got to eat the pizzas mmmmm so delicious If you were in Ext you would enjoy it.

Grass To Glass

This is my quick animation about how grass is turned into milk: Hope You Like It!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Alien Invasion Part 1

It was year 5523, the day the world was coming to an end from an Invasion, I have kept a record of all that was happening I must show you what had happened from the start.

Breaking News: "The city has been invaded by something known as a U.F.O. We have no idea where it came from but we have been invaded" The news reporter said, but at that moment I switched off the TV and had a look outside, it was the start of the end. My friends came over to discuss a plan but we had no weapons so, we all went to the alley-mall.

Now we were geared up it was time to fight them back but they were too strong for our weapons. So we retreated and got into the u.f.o. "Guys are you ready for this to get air born?" I asked, everyone looked at it and hopped in and as they did they were saying "Yes" It was time to bring it at them with a taste of their own power. We slowly rose into the air, "Are you sure about this Sir?" The Gunner asked, "Of course not" I said "Power us as fast for impact." "Yes Sir" The Pilot said, at the impact we came and flew right into them but we were being shot at, we got our gunner ready and he shot firing his gun at will.

One by one Alien ships fell but the mothership unloaded, we were shot out of the sky, hurt real bad from the crashing impact, I got up but I had a feeling the friends were not OK they probably were dead "Guys? Are...You......Gu-" I stopped talking all of a sudden and fell but once I had awaken I found my self trapped in a tube feeling around my neck for anything I felt a sleeping dart stuck in there, I managed to break out though (and pull out the sleeping dart), I slowly crawled around looking for the exit I found it and made my escape I crawled into something called æ ä æ æ æ I'm pretty sure this is the testing lab. I went and saw the main control room "Hmm" I saw an Alien gun, I shot the driver & took control of the ship I drove impact into earth slowly approaching water I crashed into it and at least I was alive.

The Invasion was still going I guess the world was not going to be saved, All hope is lost, & I lost my bearings we were enslaved by the aliens forever.

Life soon became darkness as we never were saved.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Farming Scene

Trudging along in Light,But Big boots, through the squishy mud to get some milk the farmer, Faaiua hears a low voice saying “Revenge Is Necessary.”. He backs up and looks straight into, an abyss like alleyway, he couldn't see anything thanks to the foggy weather. Faaiua hurried home after buying milk, but when he got there blood was all over the windows of the house. Leaving mud stains all over the carpet he loaded some shells and went into the kitchen, it was only Lee The Shepherd Dog he was chewing on meat that had blood all over it.

“Hey boy,” Faaiua paused then resumed “Where is Ericka, Sean, & Stephan?” “Ruff Ruff” Lee barked “Well Alright show me then,” Faaiua replied, as they were walking Faaiua heard the same low voice except this time it said “I Will Murder Your Family,” “Who’s there?!” Faaiua said to the wind “Ruff!” Lee barked he started sniffing the trail of the family and to his joy he found only Sean & Ericka. “Kids!” Faaiua joyfully said, “Wheres your Mum.” The kids looked at each other and also it was strange, They had their hands behind their backs. “Mums gone out she said she’d be back at ten p.m.” Sean said, “What’s behind your backs?” Faaiua asked nicely, “Nothing,” Ericka said.

“Oh Really” Faaiua said that as he spun them around revealing they had knives, So Faaiua took it off them and opened the freezer noticing his wife Stephan was dead & frozen, “SEAN & ERICKA GET IN HERE NOW!” Faaiua yelled, they didn't listen so Faaiua turned around and half yelled Sean’s name, he saw they weren't there so thats why they didn’t listen, He found them crouching, near an alleyway so he grabbed them by the ears and dragged them into the farmhouse, “THAT’S CHILD ABUSE,” a man yelled revealing himself with knives, in his pockets and shirt pockets. Faaiua let go of their ears and told them to run away.

It was the beginning of an Epic Battle, “I killed your wife not them, I just framed them for the murder” he said “By the way names Dan Detroit (aka DD)” The people on the street laughed at his name. “Hahaha” Faaiua laughed, “What a dumb name” Sam had enough and pulled out a knife, “Thats it no more Mr Nice man.” He tried stabbing Faaiua but Faaiua fought back with the two knifes, DD was taking too much pressure that he surrendered. The cops showed up and noticed Faaiua on top of DD, "Freeze!" an Officer said. Lee heard the commotion and jumped at the policemen biting one in his face. "Ruff!! Ruff!! Ruff!! Ruff!!" he barked, the Animal Control team came and tried to catch Lee but, fortunately for him Lee was so hyped that he dodged the net and bit every ACT's butts.

After a while it was Faaiua and DD being arrested and Lee was taking to the Animal Shelter while Faaiua was in prison, after twenty years in Canada's jail Faaiua was let out but DD stayed in for 40 years because of murder. Faaiua retrieved Lee from the Animal Shelter, as he drove home he went inside and saw his kids were sleeping one on the mattress and one on the couch.

Lee was waiting outside in the truck. Faaiua went to sleep and Lee snuck in the house and slept on the ground in Faaiua's room. Faaiua Lee Sean & Ericka all slept and then resumed how life was without his wife which was so depressing, they had a funeral for her though.

And that was the story of Faaiua and his family :-I

Step-Uncles B-Day over at Chirstchurch

Day 1: On Friday at 6:30 am me and my family went to Christchurch for my Step Uncles B-Day it took a while to get there but when I did we had a load of fun. I saw my cousins Kallum & Brock, Kallum is the eldest one out of Me, Brock & Kallum, It goes Kallum, Brock, Me. The first day (Friday) I tried to play some Mine craft online with my cousin but then I hopped off because my netbook was wayyyyyy tooooo laggyyyyyy and played on my cousins Xbox 360 for a while. Meanwhile they all went out to the Mall, Kallum bought some Xbox 360 games, The games that he bought were: Splinter Cell: Conviction, Syndicate, and a few others that I forgot.

Night 1: When night came when my sister & mum went to bed we had to take the Xbox 360 out of his room and into the lounge, Kallum played his games he got first he played Syndicate: First Person Shooter, then he switched it off and maybe he probably played Splinter Cell after I was asleep.
Day 2: Anyway when day came it was Saturday the day of my Step Uncles B-Day Party, His friends came over and they all had beers but I wasn't in there because Me, Brock, Sister, Mom, & Nana, & maybe my Aunty came as well. We went to the Mall for lunch and also bought me some new shoes.
Night 2: After we went to the mall it was time to go home, it was getting dark everyone was in the garage, OK and a 1 and a 2 and a 3 and a it was cake time! Most of us had a slice of cake.

Day 3: OK its day three this time My Nana, Cousins, Sister, Mum, & I we all went to the beach, Me, Brock, & Sister were playing on the swings and saw some parkourers they jumped off of a roof beside my Nana and Kallum the were doing front flips and back flips it was so crazy we had some food, We all had an Ice cream and a drink. We weren't allowed to eat in Zane's truck, Or Aunty's Car.

Night 3: It was night now I had my shades on dressed in some clothes, Us all went to Lone Star, We got inside. It was time to be seated but it took a while, Once we got our seat we waited to be ordered, Once our waiter came I got an Burrito Ranchero, with a side of Buffalo Chips, It's more like normal Potatoes, I also got a soft drink it was a while after that I felt full, we went home and got to bed.

Day 4: Final Day it was time to go home at 1:35 Brock, Sister & I played Mine craft 360 and finally defeated the ender dragon! We got the ender egg, encase you don't know what they are search Ender Dragon Egg & Ender Dragon to see what it is! It was a sad day, Me, Brock Sister Nana, & Zane went in his truck except Zane didn't come in. Brock & Aunty did though. Once we got in I was going to cry but I held it in, I can't wait for them to come up. It was somewhere about 10 - 20 minutes that we boarded the plane.

Day/Night 4: Landing back in Auckland safely thanking to be alive still although I wasn't really awake I was trying to sleep but we landed before I  fell asleep. As we got home I hopped onto the computer & asked my cousin if he wanted to play mine craft and if he wanted to talk to my Nana Mum Or Sister.

Weekends: Well I finished the stay at Chch and can't wait for school,  Oh man I enjoyed there as much as I do here, Wishing I could be in 2 places at once but you cant so I guess I have got to wait for them to come up this time.

(Bonus Paragraph):It was saturday as we were walking my mum saw someone (or should I say something) on the roof and was drumming I don't know but it was pretty funny. I have no idea what my mum was talking about until I saw it. At first when I saw it I thought it was freaky! Or someone sitting on the roof eating.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Seed Stealer Retell

WALT: Show not tell when writing a paragraph

Feeling like you’re going to crash it lands and gets ready for boarding. Finding some seeds Louis instantly spots a place to park but someone steals it so Louis just goes and grabs the seeds, next they drive on out and plant the seeds. Its time for harvest season, Louis goes outside and look at that “John come here!” Louis demanded “Coming,” he replied. They noticed someone running away he then tripped up. The spinning in hate Louis called the police and the next night traps were placed. The thief came and stole another bit of seeds, he ran but fell into a ditch. The cops then caught him and thanks for the cops heroism Johnny & Louis could live happily for ever as long as they live.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Amusement Park

The sun had drew itself up slowly, it was the start of a great day, Carlos woke up and stared outside into the daylight. He then jumped into the shower and had a wash after he finished he got out and dried after that he got dressed. He walked downstairs and went to have some breakfast “Good morning dear” his mother said but Carlos didn't answer he just sat and the table ready for some pancakes.

After he finished he went to the most fun place “Hey Carlos!” someone yelled, He looked around and then he heard the voice again “Carlos over here!” He looked behind him and to his surprise it was Jack & Gibson... The twins. “Hey guys sorry didn't see you two there” Carlos replied, Carlos looked at all the rides he saw one it was named ‘The Death Coaster’. “No way” Carlos exclaimed he imagined what it would be like on it so he ran over with Gibson & Jack Tailing. He went up to it and sat down along with Gibson & Jack in the back one. “Carlos are you sure about this????” Gibson asked “Of Course,” Carlos snapped, and then a while later some more of Carlos’ friends hopped in their names were Jim & Justin, Justin sat next to him and Jim sat next to some sweaty man.

The Death Coaster started it slowly approached the top of a drop but once it got up, Death just stopped. But then a sign said something about the coaster “SORRY ABOUT THIS BUT IT SEEMS WE HAVE SOME TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY” Carlos smashed at the chair in front of him violently, but as he did it only moved a little bit, “EVERYONE PUT YOUR HEADS DOWN!!” a man said, everyone listened and put their heads down (except for Carlos who was mad).

The man came and forced Carlos’ head down and a chopper came and pushed them it built enough speed that it could go around the track. Jack looked at the chopper and saw a wire “Hmm I guess the choppers been wired maybe because...” he paused and then figured it out but Gibson said it “...It was meant to do it  because it never actually broke down it was meant to happen!” Meanwhile, Carlos had settled down and the ride had finished.

The Amusement Park was closed the sun had started to set and the moon had started to rise Carlos and his friends looked at the stars, the moon, then they all went home Carlos’ mother came and said “Need a ride dear?” Carlos looked at his friends and said “No thanks Mom I think we’ll walk.” Carlos eventually got home and went to sleep.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Largest Black Holes In The Universe

Our Milky Way may harbour millions of black holes... the ultra dense remnants of dead stars. But now, in the universe far beyond our galaxy, there's evidence of something far more ominous. A breed of black holes that has reached incomprehensible size and destructive power. Just how large, and violent, and strange can they get?

A new era in astronomy has revealed a universe long hidden to us. High-tech instruments sent into space have been tuned to sense high-energy forms of light -- x-rays and gamma rays -- that are invisible to our eyes and do not penetrate our atmosphere. On the ground, precision telescopes are equipped with technologies that allow them to cancel out the blurring effects of the atmosphere. They are peering into the far reaches of the universe, and into distant cauldrons of light and energy. In some distant galaxies, astronomers are now finding evidence that space and time are being shattered by eruptions so vast they boggle the mind.

We are just beginning to understand the impact these outbursts have had on the universe: On the shapes of galaxies, the spread of elements that make up stars and planets, and ultimately the very existence of Earth. The discovery of what causes these eruptions has led to a new understanding of cosmic history. Back in 1995, the Hubble space telescope was enlisted to begin filling in the details of that history. Astronomers selected tiny regions in the sky, between the stars. For days at a time, they focused Hubble's gaze on remote regions of the universe.

These Hubble Deep Field images offered incredibly clear views of the cosmos in its infancy. What drew astronomers' attention were the tiniest galaxies, covering only a few pixels on Hubble's detector. Most of them do not have the grand spiral or elliptical shapes of large galaxies we see close to us today.

Instead, they are irregular, scrappy collections of stars. The Hubble Deep Field confirmed a long-standing idea that the universe must have evolved in a series of building blocks, with small galaxies gradually merging and assembling into larger ones.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Seed Stealer

In a dark, misty night two brothers named Louis & John boarded a plane to the Countryside, Once they got there they walked to their home they bought. They went to bed, they slept in until they heard a noise... ...a rooster crowing waking everyone up. They woke up and went to buy some seeds to plant, the seeds cost two dollars each so they bought 10 seeds.

They went home and planted the seeds, Louis planted half the seeds and John planted the other half. When night fell a stranger wearing a mask and holding a hoe in his hand started to dig up the seeds. He stole them and wanted to plant them in his backyard, “They aren't smart what dummies,” the Stranger said to himself, but at that moment Louis woke and saw the guy straight on face to mask. The stranger ran with the seeds in his hands, He jumped the fence and yelled out “You guys need better protection!” The stranger yelled in a slight high pitched voice.

Louis stopped and remembered where he heard his voice, John woke up and went over to Louis, “Hey man what’s wrong why are the seeds out?” He asked, “Huh? Oh that dude I remember his voice from somewhere, I think it was in Las Vegas he shouted the exact same words when we lost our car” replied Louis. 

So Louis walked inside and dialled 111, A voice answered on the other end “Hello 111 emergency state your call” “Um sorry to call so late but can I please talk to the police” he asked “Ok sir putting you through now” An officer by the name of Rick answered the phone, “Hello this is the Police,” “Oh hi sir I just got robbed of my seeds and I would like to know who always says “You Need Better Protection,” Louis exclaimed, “Well that might be Tony Wood,” replied Rick, “Ok thanks sir but can you still come down here?” Louis asked “Oh No No one is on duty but we might come tomorrow”

The next day the police turned up to Louis’ house, Rick brought along his partner Johnny. They walked up to the house and opened the door, they fixed some traps and cameras in the home as well as seeds were planted in hope to catch Tony, as the night passed Rick & Johnny was hidden and when they heard a voice and heard a hoe digging and unharvested the seeds when he took the seeds Tony ran he fell into one of the traps. The police went after him and got him out then cuffed him. The police took him to the station and put him in jail for over five years.

And so it was thanks to the police, John and Louis were able to plant seeds and hope they turn into plants for as long as they want. Seen ten years had passed John and Louis went back to L.V. and lived happily for as long as they lived.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Grown Ups 2

During the break I went to the movies at Sylvia Park, I went with my Mum & Sister, I had a great time there, The way the Director made the movie was great it was hilarious, I really loved the whole thing it was like Action,Drama,Romance. The Movie Starred Adam Sandler in it, for the record I bet everyone loved it, nearing to the end began a backyard war it was The Middle Aged people, and against them were some teens that are college age.

In the movie were two men one was tall his hair had none at the top only on the side and back, and one small with the same hair, The tallest one was an officer and the small one was a Shop Employee, The shop employee had a son his son looked like the two but with flat hair at the front.

Once the movie finished we went back home and just chilled we had a drink before we got home then after that I got ice out of the freezer and stuck it over my head because I felt like I was going to burn my eyes out through my nose. It was a long day for me I went to sleep after that.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Matching Pictures About Farming

 Today for my groups activity we had to do a Find & Pair with pictures. It was about farming. I learnt that farming is just not about sheep & cows and all the others, It is also about growing crops and food and planting trees, That thing you see over there on the left at the very end do you think that's a snake? Well Actually its not its a close up of a worm, The worms can eat the food that we/animals eat, for instance if cows eat grass and it has got worms most of the grass will be eaten by the worms and cows wont produce as much milk as they would so they have to be drenched.

If an animal doesn't get drenched they wont be able to get their milk out for the farmers anyway as I said farming is not only taking care of animals, its also about taking care of crops, plants and so on. If you were a farmer it would be difficult to manage farms well lucky we don't but all the food we get is from farmers so they should get all the credit because it would take a long time grow our food/or produce our drinks from oranges cows that turn grass to milk e.t.c.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Infection Part 1

One morning lived a Young man with hopes and dreams named Lee he lived in a Penthouse overviewing the world. He woke one morning to find his son missing was he kidnapped? So Lee went to the balcony and looked outside “What The!!” A car was upside down nearly about to burst into flames. But when he saw the car explode something arose to the surface Lee was in shock. He dashed to his phone to call his friend Vaifoa.

Vaifoa answered his phone “Hello?” Vaifoa asked “Hi Vaifoa its me Lee” “Listen bring some guys  to my penthouse” Lee said “Ok but why?” He replied, It took two minutes to tell Vaifoa and then he said “Ok I’m going to round them up see you in a bit” They both hung up and then Lee heard a knock on the door.

“Its Open” He said but no one entered so he looked through the hole in the door and saw it was Vaifoa and the guys, Lee opened the door and said “Do you want a drink?” They all answered Champagne. After they had a drink they got down to Business “So any ideas guys?” Lee wanted to come up with a plan but no one had ideas so Lee thought of two ways “Ok then no one has ideas well there is two options We go in smart or We go in Loud & Dumb” “We should go in smart but who knows how to sow?” Eric said. Everyone else wanted to go in loud and dumb so Lee went with loud and dumb.

“Ok guys look away cover your ears and go Lalalalalalalalalala until I tell you guys to stop” Lee said then after five minutes he told them to stop. They saw Chain Guns Machine Guns and all these WW1 and WW2 guns so then everyone was stunned. Lee had loads of ammo for the guns.

Lee, Eric & Vaifoa were squad one but everyone else had sorted themselves out so that there were five teams because there were only fourteen people so the squads had split up in different places and all had one walkie talkie per team. Squad Two and Four found each other so they combined to work with each other as Squad One was walking they meet up with the other four squads and then they all went to the fight them Loud and Dumb by shooting two packs Eric was hiding in a Bus and saw two zombies heading for him so he shot them.

Part 1 Part 2 coming soon!!! YEEHAW

Ambush: The Island

It was a great boat trip Lee and his two friends won in Deal Or No Deal. They went on a cruise until they ran out of gas and stopped at an Island “Oh great you forgot to fill the tank up” Vaifoa exclaimed “Hey its not my fault Faaiua was the one who used it for five hours” Lee replied as he turned to look at Faaiua, They all waited the night in the boat, Lee woke up and went to have a walk on the island. The others were still asleep.

Lee stopped and then had a rest as he was, he heard a noise “Hell-o Hello anyone there?” Lee got scared as he asked. Once Lee took a breath a potato bag went over his face and he couldn’t see so he didn’t struggle. Lee was tied up and as he woke he was over a huge lava pit. He saw Native Indians........(meanwhile back at the ship)........Vaifoa woke and saw Lee was missing he tried to wake Faaiua but it was no use so Vaifoa electrocuted him. Faaiua woke and yelled “WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA OF ELECTROCUTING ME BUB?” Vaifoa told him then they jumped out of the boat and went to find Lee.

Vaifoa and Faaiua were following the tracks until the stopped by a very huge tree “Climb it” Faaiua asked politely to Vaifoa “ OK” Vaifoa replied then he started climbing Faaiua started to whistle but then was taken away by the Native Indians so now it was up to Vaifoa to save them. But he was at the top of the tree. He saw the Indians hideout then he grabbed his map pinched a bit of blood then marked it on the part he then he put a trail on the map needed to go and ran there to save Faaiua & Lee.

Vaifoa stood there and then trees moved and he started transforming into a werewolf he was so full of rage that he grew bigger and stronger than the normal werewolf he became the Ultimate werewolf he destroyed all the Native Indians and then the moon went and it became morning so Vaifoa became human with----- lets not go there eh. So anyway Vaifoa wore some Indian clothes he tried to seal the lava pit but it was no use.

Vaifoa cut the rope on Faaiua’s and Faaiua burns but didn’t die, Vaifoa cut the rope with Faaiua underneath to catch Lee. After they were saved Lee found some Fuel and a Grappling hook and a bag with Unlimited Parachutes. Lee used the grappling hook and parachute to go Parasailing and they went home.

The were driving home until the ran out of gas....again “How do we run out of gas already?” Lee asked, “Dude we only had two minutes of fuel” Vaifoa replied...So Lee thought of an Idea then he said “Guys I have an Idea” “Ok” Faaiua & Vaifoa replied talking at the same time. Lee used the parachute after grappling onto a WW1 Helicopter. Then as they reached the land they saw green people sucking on brains or was it a prank. “I think we should run!!!!!” Lee yelled


Little Red Riding Hood DLO

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tortoise & The Hare

My name is Slowly Mc Slowly I am called that because I am very very very very slow.

As I look around I see the Hare jumping and running around “I have never won any medals apart from Bronze” I said to myself. As I’m eating some grass the stupid Hare comes over to me and starts yapping on and on and I nearly fell half asleep. Just then my friend comes and asks the Hare to a challenge. “Whom to be my next victim?” The hare asked “Hmm try face"...the fox was thinking... "Slowey” I was afraid against the Hare.

It was time for the big race I saw everyone backing up the Hare and only Mr. Fox was backing me up. I was waiting for Mr. fox to say Ready, Steady, Go, He yelled out and Speedy went flying across the fields but I was just slowly walking across Speedy was up the hill already, I looked at him and I felt depressed a bit but I kept walking. As I crossed the hill I went back down seeing the Hare was fast asleep in a Bush “This Is My Chance” I said in my head.

The Hare awoken and ran back I was sleeping in the Barn The Hare asked “Did We Win?” No one said anything “YOU LOST HA HA HA” Laughed Mr. Fox, The Hare Was Stunned. “Hehe I guess slow and steady will always win” said The Rat The Sheep & Mr. Fox. That day on I was never underestimated for being slow.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Presentation Of What Kids Have

I decided to make a presentation of my Form that I sent.

My Investigation Of Balloon Rockets (Project For Ext)

The Haunted Flat House

One day there was four men named Lee his son Faaiua, Vaifoa, and Eric, Eric was a very poor man he had no house no clothes apart from ripped clothes he slept in a rag and on a pillow he found. Vaifoa was a successful artist he sold a whole heap of paintings. Lee was just a young man who had a son they lived in a Mansion he was rich but one day he stumbled upon Eric who was lying down holding out a hat for money. Lee just walked straight past but Vaifoa he gave money to Eric when he saw him then he left. Eric looked and saw 1000$ in his hat so he ran and bought a flat house.

Eric has now got a house and bought a wardrobe and clothes and all the other stuff. But then Eric looked down to his leg and noticed a Scary Doll. It’s face was scary and Eric screamed and ran outside. Then the doll turned into a troll but it was a Trollman he had a ugly head and the troll’s name was Jonson, Eric called 111, but Jonson was getting closer and so Eric started running and Jonson was chasing after.

Eric ran for his life but he ran at Lee’s Mansion and the door flies open and Eric smacked right into it he was unconscious Eric woke and was tied up and saw Jonson he put a call over a speaker saying “Do you know why you are here?” “N-o No” Eric said “Well you are here because you walked over the bridge and it collapsed and killed my Parents!” Jonson started to cry “What I destroyed your parents? Eric was confused “Yes SO SO ITS YOUR TURN TO PERISH!” Jonson yelled.

Lee and Vaifoa went for a Bike Race with some friends they stopped at the trolls house a tank drove into a wall walked through the crack and they bought a dog to eat off the trolls head. They went to the lair and then Jonson looked at the dog and the dog looked at Jonson and then the dog chased Jonson and the dog bit off his head arm leg and all his body parts twice.

The dog went back to the cops and the troll was in Hospital Jail. Eric went to his house and cleaned his house. Lee & Vaifoa would come over with food especially Lee and His son would bring a whole cooked turkey Vaifoa would bring paintings they had a great time and everything was back to normal.....or was it? (The troll’s son was loose)

Going To Botany

On sunday during the holidays I went to botany with my mum and sister to get some new shoes from No.1 Shoes they were wheel shoes they were Purple black and the bottom was White sw. After we bought them we went to sylvia park when we were there we went to a make your own Sundae it was pretty fun. I had chocolate and some sour snakes with some Mango ice cream too I enjoyed it I was given 20$ to buy something I wanted.

Once I bought something I wanted from The Warehouse I got thirsty so I bought a Sprite we went inside The Warehouse so we could get my sister what she wanted too. When we all finished getting our stuff we went home and I tried my new shoes it was hard at first to control skating. But then after I got used to it I got the hang of it but once I was outside I nearly face planted on top of the ground but I put my hands out and also when I was inside I was walking then I nearly did the splits it was my second time because I was outside and I nearly did the splits.

After a little while I just gave up and went inside I had a long fun and painful day also when my birthday comes up I am getting an RC tarantula so when I get it I’m going to scare my sister I can’t wait!!!!

In the end I went outside and tried Skating again but I failed so I went into the house and did it in the lounge I got better when I did it in the lounge. I like having these shoes because I get to skate but only One thing and its having to master it before I can skate on them so I guess I’m trying again after school. I just hope today I won’t hurt my legs today.

I can’t wait until I know how to use them.

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Favourite Part About This Term

In Term 2 of P.E.S. the best highlight I had was the opportunity to go to Kelly Tarlton’s. We got to see The King and Gentoo Penguins and also we got to see them underwater too. I liked seeing the Fish because there was a colorful fish it had stripes on it. It was the best fish I saw and also the stingray. This is my highlight because I have never been to Kelly Tarlton’s

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

For The Upcoming Summer Holidays

In the summer holidays my cousins will be coming over. Brock will teach me some soccer moves. I cant wait also we will be playing Minecraft together on a normal server if we wanted but for now we will just be on a real server until he gets here. I'm going to tell my cousin what I did during school time. I hope my other cousin Kallum will be here so I can really stink up the room he will be sleeping in.

I hope me, my cousin's and family can go to paint ball and team with my cousin Brock. I want to really paint ball Kallum because he always gets smart but not smart at same time it is so confusing. And I also can’t wait because I might be going to see the Lone Ranger Starring Johnny Depp.

I want to make sure that my cousins have a good time if we go to paint ball or if we go to the movies. If we do get to go to paint ball I would grab a sniper paint ball gun and get into a little camping spot so when I see someone I can shoot them right in the leg or back. I like my cousins because they keep me entertained some times if I get extremely bored.

I bet Kallum is taller than my Mum now hope he is. I can’t wait for him to come up also I can't wait for Brock to teach me some new soccer moves. Because he is in a soccer team for his school, he told me that he played a 90 minute game and he also said he played a 60 minute game. I was shocked and then I said "Was It Fun?" just to be smart he replied "No" and then I hummed then we started playing a game together. Well now I can't wait until he gets here because we are going to be doing a whole range of stuff.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kelly Tarltons

One Munday morning Team 4 went to Kelly Tarltons for a team trip it was fun. When we were on the bus I was sitting next to my mum.

Once we were at Kelly Tarltons we room 16 went into the EXIT room first to learn about the penguins and also the Ski-Doo and also the scott base/scott hut. The scott base was coloured green, because it reminded them of the grass in here not in Antarctica.

After we went out we went into the ENTRANCE room it was amazing the start was awesome. We saw all the penguins well only the King and Adelie penguins After we went past we got to have a photo :D.

After the photo we went in a room it felt like the floor was going to turn upside down. But it was only an Illusion, Once we got out of their we went into more other rooms.

My favourite room was the escelator room because of the fish we found the Wobbagon fish it blended in with the rocks but it was on the top just before you leave. I also saw a colourd fish it had white red blue and green on it I took a photo with it. Here is what it looks like with me in it

At Kelly Tarltons there were a whole lot we even saw a scorpion fish get fed when it gets fed its mouth and some gils all go out and back in real fast. We then watched the eels get fed I noticed a weird thing in their nose it was like Poop but it was their nostrils.

After we were done in there now it was time to go home (back to class) it was lunch time by the time we got back, I sat in the back with Liku, my mum and Karmana. We went to class and started writing.

It was great there to bad I can't go there for a field trip again oh well.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Aunties Funeral

Last week’s Tuesday was pretty sad, My Aunt passed away she was a great Chop Suey maker she was only 56. So young she died she came from Samoa. When I heard the news I nearly cried in public. I had to pack my luggage to go over to Wellsford she lived pretty far from Auckland.

When My mum my sister and I were there I ran to hug my Uncle we were all shocked. Then Richard and Sione (Leckie) were here and I gave them a big hug too. Sione and Richard were the two son’s of her’s and my uncles and they also had two daughters named Clare and Sarona (Leckie).

When her body arrived on about Thursday night we all cried more after she was brought in we all gave her a kiss. I didn’t love it how she was gone at such a young age it was so dumb we all didn’t want it to happen but it has :(

It all began on a Sunday when she came over I gave her a huge hug when she was in the car. She then began making chopsuey then when it was done I only had one plate full because of the next day >:). On the Monday I had chopsuey for breakfast....then lunch.....then dinner and after that I had a lasagna that my poppa made the day after was shockingly sad and I don’t want to say it all over again. But when we got to the funeral parlor I stood and said a speech I should have mentioned what I did.

When we were out of their we had some lunch all I grabbed was some Cupcakes and some Sausage Rolls. Also I had a cup of juice to go with it. When it was night Me My Uncle Lawrence (Not Uncle Bruce) My papa and nana went home because my nana had work and me and my papa only went to go to Funeral on Tuesday. While my sister and Mum stayed to get the ashes.

On Wednesday that was when they came back I really wished she didn’t pass away but she did because it’s all life :’(

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chimpanzee and The Crime!

It was a very odd day for a chimpanzee a humble chimpanzee. His name was Ed he had a partner but although his partner had been murdered. The chimpanzee was trying to solve a crime a crime of someone stealing a car. When Ed returned to his house his partner was on the floor. Then I walked in and saw Ed “EEK AAK” Ed said “What happened Ed?” I asked “Eek Aak” Ed replied.The thief had murdered Ed’s Partner so Ed swore to get revenge. “Ed lets go catch the thief” I said “Eek Ook” He said.

As I looked around for a handprint Ed called me “Eek Aak” He said “I’m coming Ed” I replied. I saw a gun and then I studied it very closely, Ed was wearing a very strange top. I noticed Ed had a tear down his eye “Ed what’s wrong” I asked “Eeeeeek” Ed said sadly “Oh that’s very sad” I wished Ed’s Partner wasn’t dead.

Something shot straight out of the sky and straight through the house where Ed and I are in. It was an alien ship. “Eek Aak??” Ed said “These day’s are just getting weirder and weirder” I said. A Alien Jumped out dizzy and then he said “Greetings Earthlings” “You Talk!” I yelled “Yes and so will your friend” The alien blasts Ed and Ed can talk now. “Cool” Ed said “My name is Justin” Said the alien “I crashed here when something shot my ship” “Well we are trying to catch the thief” I said “Yes we are” Ed said.

The thief was on a building listening to everything they said. Then they heard a noise on the roof and the thief jumped off and started running then Justin Ed and I ran after the thief and we trapped him no where to go but a brick wall behind him Justin zapped the thief and the thief yelled out his name “ROOOOOBEEEERRRRTTT” and then Ed and I grabbed cuffs and cuffed him. Then the cops came and threw him in the back of the police van. “At least I took revenge for my partner”  Ed said “Don’t worry me and you will solve crimes from now on” I said to cheer Ed up.

“Ed are you hungry?” I asked, “Yes Crimes make me hungry” Ed said “Ok where should we go?” I asked. “Subway?” Ed said “Sure sounds good” I replied. We walked to Subway and The shopkeeper said “No Pets aloud” “I’M NOT A PET I’M A CRIME SOLVER CHIMPANZEE” Ed yelled back furiously “Woaw Ok.... I take your word” The shopkeeper said. “Can I have the meatball sub with Onion Bacon BBQ Sauce and Cheese” I said “And I will have the same please” Ed said “Ok” The shopkeeper handed their meatball sub “That will be five dollars” “Here you go” I replied handing the five dollars. Ed and I ate our meatball subs and then we were full “That was delicious” I said “Mmhmm” Ed replied. Ed and I hopped in the car and we went home.

It was night by the time we got home, “Goodnight Ed” I said “Goodnight” He replied. We slept and didn’t wake up afterwards because we had a long night.Then we woke up and just did some regular stuff. “Glad nothing strange is going on today”Ed said “Yep just a normal day” I replied, Me and Ed were still sad about John (Eds Partner) “John was a great sidekick” Ed said “JOHN WAS A SIDEKICK?!?!!?” I said confused “Yes he was anyway lets go do something”

Me and Ed were playing then Ed fell through the ground “Ed??” I said “Ed are you ok?” “Eek Ook” Ed said, when he hit the ground he lost his voice. “Uh Oh” I said “Here we go again” “Eeek Ook”

Be on the lookout for CHIMPANZEE AND THE CRIME PART 2 “Wait What Part 2 Are you serious” I answered back at the narrator  Yes now let me finish ok “Eek Aak Ook Eek Aak Ook” Ed laughed.  Be quiet please monkey. Ok anyway Part 2 is coming out in June.  “I will Get out of Jail” Said Robert The Thief. Dun Dun Dun......

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Emperor and Adelie Penguins

This is my reading Activity that I had to do with my group I hope you like my it and please leave some Feedback!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Will.I.Am and A Donation to Maniakalani

This afternoon we all finished morning tea the whole school went into the hall to see who donated to Maniakalani and it took a lot of time for the person to get to our school but when he got here we were stunned we saw cameramen then we saw! When it was done Patrick said a welcome speech after he finished the speech we had the Maori group went up then after the maori group it was the Hip-Hop group.

When we finished all of that talked to us about alot of stuff and how he grew up in a government house and he never met his father. But he also has a passion for science and other stuff. Also Hallenstein brothers have been trying there best to bring to NZ to give us 100,000 dollars it was great seeing for the first time in person. also visited some of the classes in Pt England school. When he cashed the check i thought it was so kind of him to give us money like that. He has a group called Black eyed peas he made the song scream & shout, boom boom pow, and his brand new album platinum. It was a great day to see him.

I thought it was sad that he said he lived in a government state type house and how he never met his father. I about to drop a tear when he said it but when he said his friends were the ones who helped him the tear just stopped. When he showed the 100,000 dollar check I was like “WHAT THE!? AWESOME!!” and after it the GM and A Lady presented the Pounamu (GreenStone) to Will.I.Am.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Antarctic cupcakes

This afternoon I have been learning how to take core samples. We took samples from a cupcake and guessed what the core (inside of the cupcake) looked like. In real life geologists take samples of what is underneath the land. It was fun to drill in the cupcake do you see the holes? Bet you do please leave some feed back and have fun making cupcakes! p.s. Miss Ouano made the cupcakes thank you Miss Ouano for making cupcakes!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Getting Ready For Fiafia

Hi my name is Francis and I am in The Barkerville Factor for Fiafia I really like it because of my tutors Mr S and Mr Barks. I can’t tell anyone what we are doing because its a secret group. It is the school’s 60th anniversary this year, and we are all happy with our Fiafia groups.

I am feeling really excited for Fiafia and also its only one week away!! We used to practice only on Thursdays but now we practice on Thursdays and Fridays because its time soon. For Fiafia the clothes might be paint or repairman clothes probably.

Fiafia will be held in the hall at 7:00 pm make sure you can come along I really wish it was this Thursday and not next week. Get ready to see some impact on Thursday night, from hiphop to Unicycling be amazed that we worked from the day we practised to the night we perform. Hear us perform on our schools birthday make sure you support your child and everyone else.