Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Aunties Funeral

Last week’s Tuesday was pretty sad, My Aunt passed away she was a great Chop Suey maker she was only 56. So young she died she came from Samoa. When I heard the news I nearly cried in public. I had to pack my luggage to go over to Wellsford she lived pretty far from Auckland.

When My mum my sister and I were there I ran to hug my Uncle we were all shocked. Then Richard and Sione (Leckie) were here and I gave them a big hug too. Sione and Richard were the two son’s of her’s and my uncles and they also had two daughters named Clare and Sarona (Leckie).

When her body arrived on about Thursday night we all cried more after she was brought in we all gave her a kiss. I didn’t love it how she was gone at such a young age it was so dumb we all didn’t want it to happen but it has :(

It all began on a Sunday when she came over I gave her a huge hug when she was in the car. She then began making chopsuey then when it was done I only had one plate full because of the next day >:). On the Monday I had chopsuey for breakfast....then lunch.....then dinner and after that I had a lasagna that my poppa made the day after was shockingly sad and I don’t want to say it all over again. But when we got to the funeral parlor I stood and said a speech I should have mentioned what I did.

When we were out of their we had some lunch all I grabbed was some Cupcakes and some Sausage Rolls. Also I had a cup of juice to go with it. When it was night Me My Uncle Lawrence (Not Uncle Bruce) My papa and nana went home because my nana had work and me and my papa only went to go to Funeral on Tuesday. While my sister and Mum stayed to get the ashes.

On Wednesday that was when they came back I really wished she didn’t pass away but she did because it’s all life :’(

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