Thursday, June 28, 2012

ALIEN PET SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

once upon a time there was a boy named Francis he was watching                                                                 Tv until he heard a noise outside he looked around and saw nothing all of a sudden an alien sprung off the top of the roof and took me away to a different galaxy in outer space. When the alien landed the spaceship he put me in a Pet shop, Francis said to himself “what is happening why am I in a pet shop” thinking about it he suddenly saw another alien look through the pet shop window. The alien dem to the shopkeeper “dglwsfiueagjkdcsdfhifglds” (“ I want to take that weird looking petI”). Seeing an alien open the cage i move back so that the shopkeeper cannot reach me sadly he grabs me and puts me in the costumers hand. Trying to struggle out of the aliens we go out the door into his spaceship he flies home and grabs me I look around and spot a cage “ AGH” I said to myself as he put me in the cage. When it was time for lunch he made  squishy slimy octopus guts for me it was very very very very very DISGUSTING I spat it out and put it in the bin next to me in the cage. Later on when he needed to buy something he forgot to take me with him when he left a stranger came up to the door ripped it off it was a ROBOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought he was going to kill me he was actually on the humans side. Looking at the back of his body he had a zipper I opened and saw some hair then he had rocket shoes on crashing through the roof we both flew to earth but before we blasted off I pulled the zipper back up so he wouldn’t choke from the air of space.

"The Truck" By Shawn

"The Truck" By Shawn
I like the truck because it looks like it is making a delivery to someone’s house. It is racing very fast through the traffic with a palm tree kind of picture on the truck. It may be a truck that delivers seeds so you can plant them and make them grow with water. I especially think that it looks like there is a lake picture next to the two palm trees. I want to buy the picture because of the truck on the road and because it looks like he is making a delivery.           

Friday, June 8, 2012


Claude Monet was a impressionist painter who used landscape or cityscape it was painted in different days or even different seasons. For one of them he made a pond with a bridge and did it in different seasons and days. Each moment was captured in time so the lights have different colors on the pond and also on the bridge at different times.

He Loved his home in Giverny he also liked the way the water reflects and moves constantly over and over again. He made it like his own world. He also liked to paint his pond that is surrounded by shrubs and trees.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Robert Delaunay

Robert Delaunay was a French Painter who invented the Orphism Art Form. His wife   Sonia both used Vibrant colors on their pictures including the Tall Portuguese Woman. Robert made plants and used different colors of green.

Robert uses Bright Contrasting Colors in his art and bring his Art to life. He used Geometric Shapes that represent the object or person. He always uses Vibrant colors for is work.
He  made a Large Leafed Plant painted on the left side of the painting. He made a scene with circles and a kitchen with a Woman at work. Also in the middle of the kitchen  he used circles all over the kitchen to make it a scene where she is doing the dishes or cooking.

This is my first attempt at Creating a piece of art in the Style of Robert Delaunay.