Monday, November 11, 2013

Alien Invasion Part 1

It was year 5523, the day the world was coming to an end from an Invasion, I have kept a record of all that was happening I must show you what had happened from the start.

Breaking News: "The city has been invaded by something known as a U.F.O. We have no idea where it came from but we have been invaded" The news reporter said, but at that moment I switched off the TV and had a look outside, it was the start of the end. My friends came over to discuss a plan but we had no weapons so, we all went to the alley-mall.

Now we were geared up it was time to fight them back but they were too strong for our weapons. So we retreated and got into the u.f.o. "Guys are you ready for this to get air born?" I asked, everyone looked at it and hopped in and as they did they were saying "Yes" It was time to bring it at them with a taste of their own power. We slowly rose into the air, "Are you sure about this Sir?" The Gunner asked, "Of course not" I said "Power us as fast for impact." "Yes Sir" The Pilot said, at the impact we came and flew right into them but we were being shot at, we got our gunner ready and he shot firing his gun at will.

One by one Alien ships fell but the mothership unloaded, we were shot out of the sky, hurt real bad from the crashing impact, I got up but I had a feeling the friends were not OK they probably were dead "Guys? Are...You......Gu-" I stopped talking all of a sudden and fell but once I had awaken I found my self trapped in a tube feeling around my neck for anything I felt a sleeping dart stuck in there, I managed to break out though (and pull out the sleeping dart), I slowly crawled around looking for the exit I found it and made my escape I crawled into something called æ ä æ æ æ I'm pretty sure this is the testing lab. I went and saw the main control room "Hmm" I saw an Alien gun, I shot the driver & took control of the ship I drove impact into earth slowly approaching water I crashed into it and at least I was alive.

The Invasion was still going I guess the world was not going to be saved, All hope is lost, & I lost my bearings we were enslaved by the aliens forever.

Life soon became darkness as we never were saved.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Farming Scene

Trudging along in Light,But Big boots, through the squishy mud to get some milk the farmer, Faaiua hears a low voice saying “Revenge Is Necessary.”. He backs up and looks straight into, an abyss like alleyway, he couldn't see anything thanks to the foggy weather. Faaiua hurried home after buying milk, but when he got there blood was all over the windows of the house. Leaving mud stains all over the carpet he loaded some shells and went into the kitchen, it was only Lee The Shepherd Dog he was chewing on meat that had blood all over it.

“Hey boy,” Faaiua paused then resumed “Where is Ericka, Sean, & Stephan?” “Ruff Ruff” Lee barked “Well Alright show me then,” Faaiua replied, as they were walking Faaiua heard the same low voice except this time it said “I Will Murder Your Family,” “Who’s there?!” Faaiua said to the wind “Ruff!” Lee barked he started sniffing the trail of the family and to his joy he found only Sean & Ericka. “Kids!” Faaiua joyfully said, “Wheres your Mum.” The kids looked at each other and also it was strange, They had their hands behind their backs. “Mums gone out she said she’d be back at ten p.m.” Sean said, “What’s behind your backs?” Faaiua asked nicely, “Nothing,” Ericka said.

“Oh Really” Faaiua said that as he spun them around revealing they had knives, So Faaiua took it off them and opened the freezer noticing his wife Stephan was dead & frozen, “SEAN & ERICKA GET IN HERE NOW!” Faaiua yelled, they didn't listen so Faaiua turned around and half yelled Sean’s name, he saw they weren't there so thats why they didn’t listen, He found them crouching, near an alleyway so he grabbed them by the ears and dragged them into the farmhouse, “THAT’S CHILD ABUSE,” a man yelled revealing himself with knives, in his pockets and shirt pockets. Faaiua let go of their ears and told them to run away.

It was the beginning of an Epic Battle, “I killed your wife not them, I just framed them for the murder” he said “By the way names Dan Detroit (aka DD)” The people on the street laughed at his name. “Hahaha” Faaiua laughed, “What a dumb name” Sam had enough and pulled out a knife, “Thats it no more Mr Nice man.” He tried stabbing Faaiua but Faaiua fought back with the two knifes, DD was taking too much pressure that he surrendered. The cops showed up and noticed Faaiua on top of DD, "Freeze!" an Officer said. Lee heard the commotion and jumped at the policemen biting one in his face. "Ruff!! Ruff!! Ruff!! Ruff!!" he barked, the Animal Control team came and tried to catch Lee but, fortunately for him Lee was so hyped that he dodged the net and bit every ACT's butts.

After a while it was Faaiua and DD being arrested and Lee was taking to the Animal Shelter while Faaiua was in prison, after twenty years in Canada's jail Faaiua was let out but DD stayed in for 40 years because of murder. Faaiua retrieved Lee from the Animal Shelter, as he drove home he went inside and saw his kids were sleeping one on the mattress and one on the couch.

Lee was waiting outside in the truck. Faaiua went to sleep and Lee snuck in the house and slept on the ground in Faaiua's room. Faaiua Lee Sean & Ericka all slept and then resumed how life was without his wife which was so depressing, they had a funeral for her though.

And that was the story of Faaiua and his family :-I

Step-Uncles B-Day over at Chirstchurch

Day 1: On Friday at 6:30 am me and my family went to Christchurch for my Step Uncles B-Day it took a while to get there but when I did we had a load of fun. I saw my cousins Kallum & Brock, Kallum is the eldest one out of Me, Brock & Kallum, It goes Kallum, Brock, Me. The first day (Friday) I tried to play some Mine craft online with my cousin but then I hopped off because my netbook was wayyyyyy tooooo laggyyyyyy and played on my cousins Xbox 360 for a while. Meanwhile they all went out to the Mall, Kallum bought some Xbox 360 games, The games that he bought were: Splinter Cell: Conviction, Syndicate, and a few others that I forgot.

Night 1: When night came when my sister & mum went to bed we had to take the Xbox 360 out of his room and into the lounge, Kallum played his games he got first he played Syndicate: First Person Shooter, then he switched it off and maybe he probably played Splinter Cell after I was asleep.
Day 2: Anyway when day came it was Saturday the day of my Step Uncles B-Day Party, His friends came over and they all had beers but I wasn't in there because Me, Brock, Sister, Mom, & Nana, & maybe my Aunty came as well. We went to the Mall for lunch and also bought me some new shoes.
Night 2: After we went to the mall it was time to go home, it was getting dark everyone was in the garage, OK and a 1 and a 2 and a 3 and a it was cake time! Most of us had a slice of cake.

Day 3: OK its day three this time My Nana, Cousins, Sister, Mum, & I we all went to the beach, Me, Brock, & Sister were playing on the swings and saw some parkourers they jumped off of a roof beside my Nana and Kallum the were doing front flips and back flips it was so crazy we had some food, We all had an Ice cream and a drink. We weren't allowed to eat in Zane's truck, Or Aunty's Car.

Night 3: It was night now I had my shades on dressed in some clothes, Us all went to Lone Star, We got inside. It was time to be seated but it took a while, Once we got our seat we waited to be ordered, Once our waiter came I got an Burrito Ranchero, with a side of Buffalo Chips, It's more like normal Potatoes, I also got a soft drink it was a while after that I felt full, we went home and got to bed.

Day 4: Final Day it was time to go home at 1:35 Brock, Sister & I played Mine craft 360 and finally defeated the ender dragon! We got the ender egg, encase you don't know what they are search Ender Dragon Egg & Ender Dragon to see what it is! It was a sad day, Me, Brock Sister Nana, & Zane went in his truck except Zane didn't come in. Brock & Aunty did though. Once we got in I was going to cry but I held it in, I can't wait for them to come up. It was somewhere about 10 - 20 minutes that we boarded the plane.

Day/Night 4: Landing back in Auckland safely thanking to be alive still although I wasn't really awake I was trying to sleep but we landed before I  fell asleep. As we got home I hopped onto the computer & asked my cousin if he wanted to play mine craft and if he wanted to talk to my Nana Mum Or Sister.

Weekends: Well I finished the stay at Chch and can't wait for school,  Oh man I enjoyed there as much as I do here, Wishing I could be in 2 places at once but you cant so I guess I have got to wait for them to come up this time.

(Bonus Paragraph):It was saturday as we were walking my mum saw someone (or should I say something) on the roof and was drumming I don't know but it was pretty funny. I have no idea what my mum was talking about until I saw it. At first when I saw it I thought it was freaky! Or someone sitting on the roof eating.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Seed Stealer Retell

WALT: Show not tell when writing a paragraph

Feeling like you’re going to crash it lands and gets ready for boarding. Finding some seeds Louis instantly spots a place to park but someone steals it so Louis just goes and grabs the seeds, next they drive on out and plant the seeds. Its time for harvest season, Louis goes outside and look at that “John come here!” Louis demanded “Coming,” he replied. They noticed someone running away he then tripped up. The spinning in hate Louis called the police and the next night traps were placed. The thief came and stole another bit of seeds, he ran but fell into a ditch. The cops then caught him and thanks for the cops heroism Johnny & Louis could live happily for ever as long as they live.