Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Francis Acrostic Poem

Remember to chuck it in the bin and use your wits.
Everyone has to purua to potae.
Striving to succeed then you will find things never hard.
Play the right way and you will have fun.
Eating healthy food will not make you sick
Champions never give up at sports.
Taking charge of the classroom and your stuff will be tidy then.


  1. Hi Francis you have done an amazing job
    on your acrostic poem there. Have you ever done
    any thing perfect.

  2. Hi, Fracsis,

    You a an really good writer. I really like it how you type the good words. It is a really good poem. Did you have a very good holiday?

  3. Hey Francis,

    I like your acrostic poem. I liked that you have put capitals at the start of all your sentences.

  4. Hi Francis,
    I really like your acrostic. Good sentensece. I like the way you are typing all the capital letters to start the sentence and the full stop at the end of the sentence. Do you really like writing cool poems into your blog.


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