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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vampires On Christmas

One cold night on Christmas eve everyone was celebrating Christmas but little did everyone know that the undead were coming too... but not to celebrate Christmas. Everyone had their Christmas trees with decorations ready. Only, one man’s car broke down his name was Randy he loved his life right until now he tuned into the radio and heard a weather man through the radio “All citizens have to stay indoors there has been a terrible sto-------” the radio turned off his car started up and away he went to his home.

When Randy was home he saw vampires. Some were flying some weren't. His dog was with him. Randy was scared. His friend Bob was watching TV. “Hey Randy”, Bob said. “Hey” replied Randy. “You do know the undead are coming right?” “Yea I was watching TV thats how”, replied Bob. When they finished talking a vampire flew and went straight through the window. Randy tackled Bob out of the way, “RUN” yelled Randy.

When they were in Randy’s car his dog got in before the car drove off. “Phew”, Bob said. “You OK randy?” Yea I think” said Randy “Woof” said Buster. They thought they were safe but they weren’t. A vampire grabbed Randy by the top and nearly bit him but Bob grabbed his double-barrelled shotgun he hid under his vest. “DIE VAMPIRE DIE” he yelled, Randy then plunged his foot on the pedal and they were faster but a bit too fast. The vampire caught up and grabbed Randy again this time it dodged a shotgun bullet and bit Randy. “Ugh!!” Randy yelled.

Randy soon grew vampire teeth but was fighting the other vampire. Bob didn’t know who to shoot so he let them fight. All Bob did was control the car. Buster soon stood in action and hit the zombie attacking Randy. “Thanks Buster” Randy said slowly. Randy then grabbed the wheel and drove again. Soon they got to the Professor's Lab, Bob was dragging Randy into the Lab “Professor sorry to bother you but Randy was bit by a vampire moments ago and I need you to cure him please”, said Bob. “Ok I will see what I can do”, said the professor. “Thank you very much”, Bob said. Two days later Randy was cured the vampires were all dead and Randys dog was sleeping next to Randy.

With Thanks To Vaifoa And Lee For Editing My Work

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2013

Learning with a netbook is better because I love to write and also when we make mistakes we don’t need to rub out our writing instead we can delete it. I think it is really handy to have a netbook because you can go back and edit your writing when you need to. Things without a netbook would not be the same.

The thing that frustrates me is getting distracted by other things like games on that are on our desktop or the games online.  Also when you are doing your maths questions and it just goes to sleep and you have to re-enter your password.

What would make it better is improving on the internet.

School is better now with netbooks because its easier to write but when we had paper and pencil it was a bit hard to write because when you write for long you get tired arms.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Best Five Days At The Pools


On Monday some of Rm15 went to Rm16 they went swimming and so did Rm15. We were waiting patiently to get in the pool because Mr Somerville had to put down the ladder. We all were changed, then we hopped in the pool which was cold at first but then it started to get warmer.

When we got into the pool we were told we were to not allowed to jump or dive into the pool off the ladder. There was a tent over the pool so it was not very hot in the pool, we all splashed and accidentally hit Mr S with the water. We all dived under we could see small ripples when we  resurfaced

After we all had some free time Mr S blew his whistle and told us to get into two lines against the wall. He had a tennis ball and said that whoever gets the ball first wins one point, it was first to fifteen points win. The Girls won twice first which meant they could make us do something, they made us do the dougie then gangnam style, it was quite funny.\

With Thanks To Vaifoa For Editing My Writing

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Ultimate Show Down On Halloween Humans VS Zombies

A long time ago lived two brothers they loved trick or treating “Trick Or Treat” Jeremy would say “Well aren't you in a great costume, here have some candy” said the guy at the door. “Where are we even going Will?” Jeremy asked “You’ll see” He replied “I hate surprises” Jeremy said under his breath. When Will and Jeremy got to a weird looking house, Jeremy said “Will... we should turn back” “Why? We just got here” Will said. Just then Will touched a stone and something happened... a zombies arm came up from the ground “Will we better run” Jeremy Yelled “Ok!” he yelled.

They now had to find a way to stop the zombies from taking over the town. So they phoned their friends “Hey I need some help” Will said through the phone. Meanwhile Jeremy was putting up borders and putting up barricades to stop the zombies from reaching the house fast, putting rifles in the rifle shack, pistols in the pistol shack. “And done” Jeremy said. Like lightning bolts all their friends were at the place. The borders were being pounded, the barricades being destroyed.

“Ok guys this is it grab a pistol and rifle and we shoot all these zombies back in there-” Jeremy was interrupted by a noise “Die Zombies Go Back To Your Homes Zombies” The man yelled “GO AWAY ZOMBIES” “Ok Guys Attack” Will yelled “Will Stay here with Josh and Max I’ll go with Johnny and Jacob to get the man” Jeremy ordered “Ok Jeremy” Max said while shooting the zombies off. “Cover me” Jeremy said as he opened the door “Yes Sir” Johnny and Jacob said together. A zombie came right up to Jacob and nearly bit him but luckily Johnny shot it “Zombies be gone” he muttered to himself. Jacob shot bullets everywhere and hit fifty zombies then Jacob started aiming for the zombies near Jeremy.

When Jeremy reached the man he said “Come with me we will need another good shooter like you” “Names Pat” The man said “I’ll come with you” Then Jeremy gave Jacob and Johnny the signal “Great the man is with us” Pat and Jeremy were shooting the zombies Jeremy gave another signal “Ok Got to get the boys lets go” Johnny and Jacob ran to the house “Lets go guys we gotta move they need backup” “Ok” said Will “We need more space to duck and fire to many zombies at the borders” The guys soon caught up with Pat and Jeremy.

When there were less zombies Jeremy called his friends “Hey can you help with this zombie problem” “Sure Sure”. They Travelled in rockets and ammo ejected from the seat. They all soon defeated the zombies and Will touched the stone and all the zombies were stuck underground once more “Well that was a great day for halloween” Jeremy said “Yep” said Will “See you later guys” “See you round” Pat, Johnny, Max, Jacob, Josh, and Jeremy's friends said.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Francis' Paralympics

Can you guess what Rm15 did on Monday the 10th? Well Rm15 did some sports about the paralympics to see what its like to have limbs missing.

On a hot Monday afternoon, Room 15 went outside to the courts I was wondering what we were doing. “Get into pairs of twos” Mr Marks said, so I partnered up with Lee. When we got into our pairs I hopped behind Lee as I did that Mr Marks said “Also grab a thick band for you and your partner” So I walked over and grabbed two thick bands for Lee and I.

“The first person in the front has to run first” Mr Marks said “But with one arm in the band” I was shocked, I put my arm in my band and waited for Lee to run and then come back. When Mr Marks blew his whistle Lee ran to the end of the court and back I started running as fast as I could to the end of the other court and back to Lee. “This time put both arms in the band” Mr Marks said “What” I said to myself as I put my other arm in the band. When Mr Marks blew his whistle again this time Lee looked funny running to the end and back. As he came back I said “Nice running you looked funny” “Whatever” he said back. Then I ran fast to the end and back.

“Ok now over to the line facing the field” Mr Marks said “You are going to throw softballs as if they were shot-put balls. I thought at first we had to put my arm in the band. As I stood there waiting for Mr Marks to blow his whistle so I could throw the ball. When I threw the ball I waited. Then Mr Marks said “Go and get your ball now”

After I retrieved my ball Mr Marks said “Now you have to stand on one leg” “OH NO” I said to myself “And if you touch the ground after or before you throw the ball you are disqualified” That was the hard bit standing on one leg, “This is gonna be hard” I said to Lee “I know” Lee replied. Waiting for Mr Marks to blow his whistle, when his whistle blew I threw the ball as hard as I could “Wait” Mr Marks said “Ok go and get your ball now”

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Paralympics Volleyball

In a volleyball game at the Para-olympics both teams have to sit on the court instead of standing because they have amputated limbs. The teams that were playing was Brazil & China, while they are playing the game. They had to drag themselves over the court. They have a different court to the normal one, it has a smaller court and a lower net. The teams had to use teamwork if they wanted to win.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School Cross Country

Hey can you guess what Pt England School did? Well if you can't we did Cross Country! My Team was Mataatua (Green).

On Friday at 12:30p.m. The whole school of Pt England went out to the court except the Nine and Ten year olds we had to line up where the court is near Rm16. Once we were all there Mr Burt walked to the reserve with us following behind. Once we got there we waited for Mr Burt to use his wooden clappers that have been stuck together.

Once Mr Burt hit his clappers together off we went into the hard path. Going towards a bridge I see a muddy puddle, I look for a way over but there was no way so I ran straight through the puddles that kept appearing in my way. Running over the bridge I come to another muddy puddle and run straight through it, after awhile it started to become more and more congested.

When we finished the mud puddles near the bridge we got up to the forest. I fell over four times because of the slippery mud. It was real funny that I was slipping over because it was pretty much the funniest thing that ever happened. I laughed and laughed before getting up and running again.

Once I passed by Miss King I knew that I was almost there. Seeing the playground I hear people cheering as I pass the Finish Line. After I was finished I was really exhausted, wet mud almost full in my shoes I sit down in the Nine year olds Line I was happy that I finished I didn’t want to run again.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Francis Bbq

Have you been working hard every term? Yes! Well Rm15 got a special treat on the 14th of Tuesday. We got to have sausages!! I can tell you how we made it, all you have to do is sit back and read.

One Tuesday morning Mr Marks said “Today we will make a Barbeque with sausages” The whole class was excited!! Mr Marks had some knives in the office along with some sausages Mr Marks bought from the Mad Butcher's, Tomato sauce and Barbeque sauce, Onions, and a grill that   was small so we had to use a table for it to sit on. When I got a turn cutting an onion I started to get watering eyes, when the onions were cut I started to peeling them into smaller rings. Once I finished I went out to see how Lee & Taniela was doing with the bbq “So hows it like to grill?” I asked “Actually its quite fun” Lee replied.With nothing else to do I waited impatiently for the sausages to be ready. Hearing the sizzling noise come from the sausages some of the sausages were rotating by themselves, I ask “How come that the sausages are moving?”  “They sometimes do that” Lee said. I said impatiently “I wish they are ready now” “Me too” Lee said.

When we got back from Mr Jacobson's Music Rm the sausages were ready. “Yum Yum can’t wait to eat it” I said as I walked towards the bread.I went over to Mr Marks where he had the sausages and onions “Want any Onions?” Mr Marks asked “Yes please” I replied after getting some onions and a sausage I walked towards the door to get some Tomato & Bbq sauce “Thanks” I said to Meleane “Its ok” Meleane replied. It looked like it was wrapped in a bread blanket. Looking at my sausage my stomach started growling with excitement because it was hungry and it was really really delicious “Ok Ok” I said sharply back to my stomach. I took a bite and it was really crispy and crunchy, munching on my sausage my stomach didn’t feel empty any more actually it was full.

When I finished my sausage I went in and said “Mr Marks can I have another one?” “Not enough besides the teachers need some” Mr Marks said. Thinking and thinking I looked at the list and saw Ms King’s name “Mr Marks can I take one to Ms King?” I asked “Sure” Mr Marks said. Grabbing a piece of paper and bread Mr Marks put a sausage on the bread with Bbq & Tomato sauce, I walked down to Rm13 “Hi Ms King” I said “Hello” she said back “I bought you a sausage from when Mr Marks made a Bbq” “What's the occasion?” Ms King asked “No occasion Mr Marks just made some for other teachers though so yea no occasion” I said as I handing the sausage into Ms King’s hand.  “Do I have to pay” “No” I replied “Francis tell Mr Marks I said thanks” Ms King told me.

When I returned I said “Mr Marks Ms King said thanks” “Ok” Mr Marks said. Just some teachers got sausages. Once the bell rung we all went outside and ate our lunch when the 1:10 bell went we all played on the court. When the 2:00 bell went we all went inside and did some work. There was crumbs all over the bay when we finished eating. The 3:00 bell went and we all went home.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Reading A Cherub Book

On a bright Saturday Morning I was reading my book (made by a man named Robert Muchamore) lying down on the comfy couch in the lounge. While I was reading my book I started feeling like I was in a cocoon! Well not really it was how long I was on the chair.The book was about a kid named James whose mother died. 10 yrs later he was taken to a place called Cherub. James also has a sister Lauren who just finished training. People never know when kids are watching parents especially if they are terrorists.

Later on James helped Lauren move from the Junior section of the big cherub building to the other side of the building it took about three rides in a buggy and almost took out James back! Luckily though James back did not expire but he was really tired moving all of her stuff it almost took 5 hrs after they finished James and Lauren went to the Cafeteria and grabbed something to eat.

Then later on John Jones came to James room and knocked on the door (He is the man who is in the 2nd book)  “James I want to know if you want to go on a mission?” John asked “ Sure I’ll do it” James replied. When he got to where John is James met David (or Dave for short) “ So have you met him before?” asked John. “No” replied James “well seen you came here I’d like you to me Dave” said John. “Hi David” said James he felt like an idiot saying hi to a cherub in a black t-shirt. “Hey James & please call me Dave” replied Dave “ Umm ok Dave” said James.

“Anyway now that you know who Dave is we can get down to business” John Continued “Arizona Max is a jail in the desert and I was thinking that you need to go inside a bust someone out but before we can go we will need another kid James, Dave will you know anyone who could?” Asked John “What about Lauren?” suggested James “No she is too young and maybe she will not be able to-” John paused “actually that might be a good idea go and see her first just incase” John said “But wait John we just finished moving her stuff from the Junior Block to the block I’m at.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Soccer Training

Hearing the lunch bell ring I hopped up and start running to the field waiting to start training. Seeing Mr Harris with the soccer ball and post’s “Mr Harris can i hold the soccer ball please?” I asked “Ok” replied Mr Harris. Kicking the ball onto the field I soon noticed my team and the opposite team too.

When everyone was here Mr Harris told us to markup and break free. Hearing the whistle I kicked the ball to Lee and he started running with it when he was nearly at the end Kori-lee marked him so he quickly passed the ball to me, looking around for a free partner I spot Iisa “Pass the ball to me” Iisa shouts, moving up to the goal closer and closer I pass the ball to Iisa and he shoots the ball into the the goal. When we got to the middle Mr Harris put the ball down and Kori-lee passed the ball to Henry, Henry started running up to the goal then I slid and kicked the ball from Henry. The ball went to Lee, suddenly he went sprinting down the field and got a goal.

In some last minutes my team got the victory by three points we had ten points and the other team lost at the points at seven. We all had a good game and we gave each other respect when we played besides it’s not about winning it’s more about fun. Once we helped each other up from the mud in the grass when we all got up we looked at the destroyed grass we were really exhausted.

Triple X's Story

One very cold night in the town of hoof-ten lived a senator named Triple X. He was sleeping in a house he had been exhausted from all the work he had been doing. He fell asleep on his bed with his door unlocked by mistake and during that night he was robbed!! It had been an alien!! Seen he had been sleeping with hard work he felt cold air on his face. Suddenly he got up really fast he grabbed a T-shirt went to where the phone was but it wasn’t there so he went to the garage and his car and motorbike was not there either “Oh No I was robbed by two robbers” said Triple X he closed the garage making sure that his garage and door was locked then he went running at first he was a little slow but he got faster and faster and faster when he was running he soon got to his friends house and asked “Have you seen any... ...Oh my you have been robbed too!” “yea they even took my best thing my BIG T.V.” said Sagnoid sadly “Hey wanna come I am trying to get all my stuff and if you want to come you can ok” suggested Triple X “Ok at least my car wasn’t stolen lets go I’ll bring it around the front out of the garage” said Sagnoid “Ok there’s no time to waste” said Triple X excitedly “One more thing Triple X” said Sagnoid “yea?” said Triple X “why are you so excited” “Because I don’t have to run any more I barely caught my breath running” said Triple X “Oh ok” said Sagnoid. Just then Sagnoid bought out two motorbikes “What?” said Triple X “You’re gonna drive one Triple” replied Sagnoid “Oh” said Triple X. Starting the engines on the motorbikes they saw the two aliens that stole their stuff “THERE THEY ARE” said Triple X angry Vr Mmmm the motorbikes started up Triple X and Sagnoid drove off fast. Once they got to the school Triple X’s Motorbike and Car were sitting in the school carpark then when they entered the school the two aliens were trapped in the english room "We've got you now!!". Later that night Triple X finally got to go to sleep or did he? OH NO HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Torch Relay

Months before each olympic game a female performer acts as a Priestess and ignites the first relay runners torch who would carry the flame to the host cities stadium.

The torch is brought into the stadium during the opening ceremony. The torch is passed on until it gets to the last person who will light the cauldron and then the games will officially begin.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Olympic Symbols

This term our inquiry topic is the Olympic Games. We will be taking a close look at the London games and also uncovering some of the amazing stories of the Olympics, both past and present.
The coloured version of the ring’s forms the Olympic flag. The colors for the Olympic Flag colours are blue, yellow, black, green and red covering over a white field. These colors were chosen because at less every country had one. They were first raised in 1920. 

The Rings formed inhabited continents such as Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Australasia. These ARE NOT countries they are inhabited continents. The colours of the rings are the colours for each country. The Olympic games is about bringing each country coming together and playing sport like high jump, long jump, basketball, diving and a few other things.

Art In Movement

On Monday we did Art in Movement.  

It was a bit hard moving as a team because of all the yelling and not listening at the leaders. When we all finished finding the pictures we went to the hall and
practised our moves the pictures were fencing, boxing, weight lifting, taekwondo and diving.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

ALIEN PET SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

once upon a time there was a boy named Francis he was watching                                                                 Tv until he heard a noise outside he looked around and saw nothing all of a sudden an alien sprung off the top of the roof and took me away to a different galaxy in outer space. When the alien landed the spaceship he put me in a Pet shop, Francis said to himself “what is happening why am I in a pet shop” thinking about it he suddenly saw another alien look through the pet shop window. The alien dem to the shopkeeper “dglwsfiueagjkdcsdfhifglds” (“ I want to take that weird looking petI”). Seeing an alien open the cage i move back so that the shopkeeper cannot reach me sadly he grabs me and puts me in the costumers hand. Trying to struggle out of the aliens we go out the door into his spaceship he flies home and grabs me I look around and spot a cage “ AGH” I said to myself as he put me in the cage. When it was time for lunch he made  squishy slimy octopus guts for me it was very very very very very DISGUSTING I spat it out and put it in the bin next to me in the cage. Later on when he needed to buy something he forgot to take me with him when he left a stranger came up to the door ripped it off it was a ROBOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought he was going to kill me he was actually on the humans side. Looking at the back of his body he had a zipper I opened and saw some hair then he had rocket shoes on crashing through the roof we both flew to earth but before we blasted off I pulled the zipper back up so he wouldn’t choke from the air of space.

"The Truck" By Shawn

"The Truck" By Shawn
I like the truck because it looks like it is making a delivery to someone’s house. It is racing very fast through the traffic with a palm tree kind of picture on the truck. It may be a truck that delivers seeds so you can plant them and make them grow with water. I especially think that it looks like there is a lake picture next to the two palm trees. I want to buy the picture because of the truck on the road and because it looks like he is making a delivery.           

Friday, June 8, 2012


Claude Monet was a impressionist painter who used landscape or cityscape it was painted in different days or even different seasons. For one of them he made a pond with a bridge and did it in different seasons and days. Each moment was captured in time so the lights have different colors on the pond and also on the bridge at different times.

He Loved his home in Giverny he also liked the way the water reflects and moves constantly over and over again. He made it like his own world. He also liked to paint his pond that is surrounded by shrubs and trees.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Robert Delaunay

Robert Delaunay was a French Painter who invented the Orphism Art Form. His wife   Sonia both used Vibrant colors on their pictures including the Tall Portuguese Woman. Robert made plants and used different colors of green.

Robert uses Bright Contrasting Colors in his art and bring his Art to life. He used Geometric Shapes that represent the object or person. He always uses Vibrant colors for is work.
He  made a Large Leafed Plant painted on the left side of the painting. He made a scene with circles and a kitchen with a Woman at work. Also in the middle of the kitchen  he used circles all over the kitchen to make it a scene where she is doing the dishes or cooking.

This is my first attempt at Creating a piece of art in the Style of Robert Delaunay.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Could Creatures Live Without Rain

Without rain it will not be possible for creatures to survive because the land would be to dry for the creatures.

There are a few dry places in the world where it does not rain, like the desert where animals & plants can’t live.

Rain supplies us and animals with water to drink and to survive.

When it rains people in the city begin to get angry and forget how much farmers need rain to grow crops and also grass for the cattle. We also need it to keep the dams full for our taps.

Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock was a American he used lived America in New York City. He was very famous for the abstract paintings he did. He usually used a lot of paint in his artwork. He always smoked while he painted. Also his paintings were meaningless
and was undefinable so you would have had to use your imagination. His flicking was a waste of paint. He kept using the paint and splattering the paint all over the grass and picture.

Jackson Pollock was a married man who was married to another painter called Lee Krasner. He kept drinking. When he painted he also used contrasting colours and he kept scooping out paint using the primary colours. His paintings were attractive and were so special to him. Sadly he died in a car crash when he was only 44. His paintings shown his feelings. It looked like he was really happy but he suffered from depression.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Do you know what happens for two weeks this term? Swimming!!!

On Monday Rm 15 went to the pool. Hopping in two at a time to see what group we get put into. I was put into group one and my friend was put into group three. Our instructor Ben said “Put your arms in a shape of a rocket ship”.

Waiting impatiently for my turn I was bobbing up and down finally it was my turn. Taking a deep breath I pushed off the wall, I started to slow down until I was suddenly propelled through the water by Ben pushing my feet. Reaching the fake island I took another big breath and lined back up in the side of the pool.

After everyone had their turn Ben said “ Time to get out”. I wish I could stay in the warm pool but we couldn’t. On the bright side though this was only the first day of swimming. Hooray!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Immersion Assembly

Do you know that the Immersion Assembly was today? On Monday it was the Immersion Assembly it
was about art Mr. Burt was dressed as a skeleton and Miss Glaze was a flower. Then Mr. Burt said “Give it up for Team One” Team One had a little movie about art it was cool they were very cool the had a fun movie and at the end it showed all four in a pose with face paint .

Team 2 had flowers, Miss Glaze and Miss She was the flowers there movie was good. The painter painted a good picture there were two pictures. One was a vase with flowers and a different with flowers on the grass.

It was now team threes turn Miss Barks, Mrs Lavakula and Mrs Tuala was a funny one when ever Miss Barks turned to us the teachers move and do anything while Miss Barks is looking at us.  When Mrs Lavakula had her bit she duggied next to Mrs Barks.           

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In the holidays

I am looking forward to going to my cousins in Christchurch. I really miss them I hope I get to see them. My cousins are called Kallum and Brock.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sleeping In A Tent

On Wednesday night we slept in our tents on the lumpy uneven ground. Luckily Semi used his sleeping bag as a mattress so we didn’t touch the ground and have sore backs in the morning. In the morning Miss King said “ Wake up campers hurry up”. I said to myself that I didn’t want to wake up but I had to. After I was dressed I ran as fast as I could before my feet got cold on the grass, but it was so cold it made my feet freeze!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Francis' Blindfolded Obstacle Course

On Monday room 15 went to the hall, “It’s an Obstacle course” I said to myself. We were all amazed with excitement. Until Mr Marks said “ This is a blindfold obstacle course you have to be in pairs and it’s not a race” So I partnered up with Lee.

I was the one who was blindfolded first, “ Where are you buddy” I asked after I was blindfolded. “I am behind you” Lee replied. I was following his voice, “Put your leg up higher” He said, so I moved up a tiny bit then lifted my leg up. I kept on walking straight across, then I fell down onto the ropes, they felt like rubber snakes.

Then I was up to the rugby bags, I fell on the skinny rugby bag and hit my head on the floor when I fell over the blue rugby bag. I was up to the cone where you hade to zig zag i crashed into cones.Then I was up to the tarpaulin it was dark under it because I had the blindfold on and was under the tarpaulin too.

I was going crazy under the tarpaulin because I couldn’t get through it. When I was up to the mat I tripped and fell. I was up to the big blue `mat but before I got there I crashed into the wall then into Lee then I got up the stairs. I didn’t know where Lee was because I couldn’t hear him speak.
My blindfold was slipping down but I tried to keep pulling it up. It was no use so I just jumped. Then it slid onto my neck.

I asked Mr Marks to take it of because it was hard and because I kept on tightened it. When it was off me and Lee went and sat down again.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Instructions For Images

1. Go to first.
2. Type in the word you want.
3. Click on images

4. Click on the cog wheel and then Advanced search.

5.Then you are at the Advance search here you have to scroll down and click the plus button and then click usage right.

6.Click on the Full-size button
7. Then you take a screenshot of a picture by using Control 4.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Francis' Kiwifruit

The Kiwifruit felt like a porcupine because it was hairy like a persons beard. It feel soft on one side and hard on the other. It looked like a full moon.

When I looked at the half open kiwifruit it looked like there were ants on the inside, but it was the seeds. It was dribbling down my skin. The core looked like a banana in the middle.

We finally got to eat our fruit it was like eating a kiwi even though I was actually eating a kiwifruit.It tasted kind of sour when I first took a bite then I bit it again that time it didn’t taste sour it was yum I ate the first half of my kiwifruit then ate the second one. It was delicious.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Francis Acrostic Poem

Remember to chuck it in the bin and use your wits.
Everyone has to purua to potae.
Striving to succeed then you will find things never hard.
Play the right way and you will have fun.
Eating healthy food will not make you sick
Champions never give up at sports.
Taking charge of the classroom and your stuff will be tidy then.

Friday, February 3, 2012

My First Blog Post

Hi my name is Francis,I am a year 5 student at Pt England school. I can take my net-book home later on in the year. Kids learn from school because they are taught by teachers.

I really love being at Point England School because you get to camp. I hope it will be fun at camp after I go.

I really enjoy playing sports but the favourite sport is soccer. Because it is strategy you have to use your legs instead of your hands, unless your goalkeeper. The goalkeeper has to protect is teams goal while the other team tries to score. There are 2 teams and 2 goalkeepers.

I am still trying to improve my reading age. I am reading a lot of books now to learn more by reading.

We looked around the Stardome, First of all we had morning tea, after we entered it. The Stardome is a place to learn about space.