Friday, April 11, 2014

Fiafia Review

This is just a clip that might not match my writing but it is a little part from our fiafia.

Heading home from school, I grab some clothes and toss them in the bathroom, I take a shower then spray on some deodorant, I made my way with my sister & mum to school again. Walking through the breeze I smelt the delicious smell of sausages, Chop Suey, and all those other delicious foods. It was really packed Mr Burt had said that there were at least 3 & 1/2 Million people coming to watch.
Not so long after Mr Burt had announced us to move to our groups changing rooms, my groups name was called Precisely That, we had to at least bring a black top without a logo or otherwise we needed to flip it inside out, like I had to do. The other thing’s we needed to take was black shoes mostly. Mr Barks had provided with white pants, gloves, & a hat. The pants had to be put on with caution because they had been stapled around the bottom of the pants.
7:00 We started moving through the corridor into the breeze through to the library, exiting through the library it was pretty dark, we went to our area to sit down at and then watched the performances it was pretty long and tiring but the groups were really great, my group was just after the Niuean group.
As the Niuean group were performing, My group had stood up and snuck out the back to get our wooden rifles. We did a rough practice behind the marquee, then........It struck, we heard this saying “And now we have a precise group put your hands together for Precisely That!” We milled about on to the stage, I looked around towards the audience, even though I couldn’t see them I had gotten butterflies, but once we got into the performance they just flew out and I didn’t have a worry, the end we got off and I got really excited, also a friend’s gun was so weak that it broke when he hit it on the pole. It was fun to perform in front of the millions.
In the end we all walked back to our changing rooms & got into our normal clothes, we then got picked up by our parents & then I went home & jumped into bed.