Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ext Pizza YUM YUM

Thursday Week One, The  extension group made pizzas but first we had to answer some questions about Labour Day on our site. After we finished that we had to partner up, my partner was Jordan S. We both planned what our pizza would look like, I’ll show both the planning and the before & after. Anyway after our planning we started to make the pizza.

We then got to start to make the pizza, I didn’t really like the planning but it did help me & Jordan we first got a base then next we spread tomato paste onto it, we put a whole lot of cheese onto it we were too late to put on the normal salami so we put on the spicy salami, but to be honest it wasn’t really spicy i think it was a bit more chili, but next we set the green capsicum around the edges we set about 8 for the 8 hours working day  we then added some ham and Jordan put a whole lot of cheese on that was to be the people who had an 8 hour working day but seen they were in the oven but even though they were still the people.

We then cut it up and handed some slices out to the teachers me and Jordan gave some out to Jarold, Mr S & Miss King I wondered if they liked it? I bet they  didn’t like it...... I bet they LOVED it! We then got to eat the pizzas mmmmm so delicious If you were in Ext you would enjoy it.

Grass To Glass

This is my quick animation about how grass is turned into milk: Hope You Like It!!