Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Francis' Paralympics

Can you guess what Rm15 did on Monday the 10th? Well Rm15 did some sports about the paralympics to see what its like to have limbs missing.

On a hot Monday afternoon, Room 15 went outside to the courts I was wondering what we were doing. “Get into pairs of twos” Mr Marks said, so I partnered up with Lee. When we got into our pairs I hopped behind Lee as I did that Mr Marks said “Also grab a thick band for you and your partner” So I walked over and grabbed two thick bands for Lee and I.

“The first person in the front has to run first” Mr Marks said “But with one arm in the band” I was shocked, I put my arm in my band and waited for Lee to run and then come back. When Mr Marks blew his whistle Lee ran to the end of the court and back I started running as fast as I could to the end of the other court and back to Lee. “This time put both arms in the band” Mr Marks said “What” I said to myself as I put my other arm in the band. When Mr Marks blew his whistle again this time Lee looked funny running to the end and back. As he came back I said “Nice running you looked funny” “Whatever” he said back. Then I ran fast to the end and back.

“Ok now over to the line facing the field” Mr Marks said “You are going to throw softballs as if they were shot-put balls. I thought at first we had to put my arm in the band. As I stood there waiting for Mr Marks to blow his whistle so I could throw the ball. When I threw the ball I waited. Then Mr Marks said “Go and get your ball now”

After I retrieved my ball Mr Marks said “Now you have to stand on one leg” “OH NO” I said to myself “And if you touch the ground after or before you throw the ball you are disqualified” That was the hard bit standing on one leg, “This is gonna be hard” I said to Lee “I know” Lee replied. Waiting for Mr Marks to blow his whistle, when his whistle blew I threw the ball as hard as I could “Wait” Mr Marks said “Ok go and get your ball now”

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Paralympics Volleyball

In a volleyball game at the Para-olympics both teams have to sit on the court instead of standing because they have amputated limbs. The teams that were playing was Brazil & China, while they are playing the game. They had to drag themselves over the court. They have a different court to the normal one, it has a smaller court and a lower net. The teams had to use teamwork if they wanted to win.