Monday, June 23, 2014

B.A.R. Key

 This is my drawing that I had first done
       This is one that 3 others had changed                      B up top A next to lone window R Hologram door
During Extension today we have been learning about the thinking key. There are 20 altogether but we have learnt 2 so far which is B.A.R..

This is a B.A.R. which means Bigger, Add, & Replace, as you can see the B A & the R the B is the fire place A is the little slide door, and the R is a hologram door instead of a door.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cold Day Walking To School

I woke up very late I didn't have time for breakfast I was so hungry, but i had to get into clothes, I ran through the door, but as soon as I went out I was shivering I tried hitching a ride but the car was ice frozen, “Oh dear Its so cold” I thought to myself “I can’t go on much more” As I was briskly running towards the school a strong & cold breeze ragdolled me around the bell had went, “Oh no the bell had gone I’m late!!”

Friday, June 13, 2014

Breaking The Speed Of Sound

Dodgeball Recap

Dodge ball.... .....The game of agility, speed, & strength, I enjoy playing it even though my throws aren't very strong, I can stay in a game for quite a while until I get out. So there are ways to win and ways to lose, it’s all about taking out the strongest people and taking out the weakest last, and in classes we v.s. there were quite a lot but I reckon we had some great people too. While taking out the strongest you have to also be careful of the sneaky ones who stand in the corner near the front with a ball trying to get you all out. The way to win is to take out the strongest first and leave the weak ones for later, and the way to lose is well... to take out the weakest first and, leave the strongest last.

We had a game against class five, it was a great match against them we had won, and the reason for us resulting a win was because we had taking their strongest players out while also using teamwork. It’s something that will be helpful for matches against strong teams, but if all you have left are weak ones well then they've got to dodge and then throw the balls from up at the line hoping to either get someone out. It would be great if we could v.s. them three times after our 1 championship match but since we didn't get to our side after our chant/cheer sort of thing.

Its was our second game and this time against class 3, we hadn't v.s. them before so it was our first time against them. We had lost that time, We had great players like T.J. and Mele but yet class 3 had more players that were great like, Auri, and Jonathan a whole lot we had no chance, they were too great to defeat, even though they had won we got to play three other games they had won two extra games but we had just won a game.

Dodgeball it is really really fun enjoying we are versing Class 2 after morning tea today. I like dodgeball because it lightens the mood and gives a little exercise a bit.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Samoan Language Week

Yesterday was the launch of Samoa language week and the theme was Ia u’u mau’i au measina which means in english “Hold fast to your treasures”.

There were guests there, it was Mr Peseta Sam Lotuiiga and Reverend Leiite Setefano and the faletua. The aoga a le teuila joined and tamaki college had performed really good. Our school Samoan group had performed as well they were great I really liked it.

We sang two national anthems we sang Samoan and New Zealand. We were lucky to be nominated from the minister to launch the Samoan language week at our school.

After we performed Mr Burt  asked a volunteer from the Samoan group to sing the food prayer in Samoa. After that Reverend Leiite Setefano said a speech in Samoa. There was one part of the speech that was interesting is when he said “language is a gift from God”, that made me interested and then he closed us with a prayer.

Once the launch was finished everyone went to class except for the samoan group. They stayed to help the guest with their food and talk to them.