Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Presentation Of What Kids Have

I decided to make a presentation of my Form that I sent.

My Investigation Of Balloon Rockets (Project For Ext)

The Haunted Flat House

One day there was four men named Lee his son Faaiua, Vaifoa, and Eric, Eric was a very poor man he had no house no clothes apart from ripped clothes he slept in a rag and on a pillow he found. Vaifoa was a successful artist he sold a whole heap of paintings. Lee was just a young man who had a son they lived in a Mansion he was rich but one day he stumbled upon Eric who was lying down holding out a hat for money. Lee just walked straight past but Vaifoa he gave money to Eric when he saw him then he left. Eric looked and saw 1000$ in his hat so he ran and bought a flat house.

Eric has now got a house and bought a wardrobe and clothes and all the other stuff. But then Eric looked down to his leg and noticed a Scary Doll. It’s face was scary and Eric screamed and ran outside. Then the doll turned into a troll but it was a Trollman he had a ugly head and the troll’s name was Jonson, Eric called 111, but Jonson was getting closer and so Eric started running and Jonson was chasing after.

Eric ran for his life but he ran at Lee’s Mansion and the door flies open and Eric smacked right into it he was unconscious Eric woke and was tied up and saw Jonson he put a call over a speaker saying “Do you know why you are here?” “N-o No” Eric said “Well you are here because you walked over the bridge and it collapsed and killed my Parents!” Jonson started to cry “What I destroyed your parents? Eric was confused “Yes SO SO ITS YOUR TURN TO PERISH!” Jonson yelled.

Lee and Vaifoa went for a Bike Race with some friends they stopped at the trolls house a tank drove into a wall walked through the crack and they bought a dog to eat off the trolls head. They went to the lair and then Jonson looked at the dog and the dog looked at Jonson and then the dog chased Jonson and the dog bit off his head arm leg and all his body parts twice.

The dog went back to the cops and the troll was in Hospital Jail. Eric went to his house and cleaned his house. Lee & Vaifoa would come over with food especially Lee and His son would bring a whole cooked turkey Vaifoa would bring paintings they had a great time and everything was back to normal.....or was it? (The troll’s son was loose)

Going To Botany

On sunday during the holidays I went to botany with my mum and sister to get some new shoes from No.1 Shoes they were wheel shoes they were Purple black and the bottom was White sw. After we bought them we went to sylvia park when we were there we went to a make your own Sundae it was pretty fun. I had chocolate and some sour snakes with some Mango ice cream too I enjoyed it I was given 20$ to buy something I wanted.

Once I bought something I wanted from The Warehouse I got thirsty so I bought a Sprite we went inside The Warehouse so we could get my sister what she wanted too. When we all finished getting our stuff we went home and I tried my new shoes it was hard at first to control skating. But then after I got used to it I got the hang of it but once I was outside I nearly face planted on top of the ground but I put my hands out and also when I was inside I was walking then I nearly did the splits it was my second time because I was outside and I nearly did the splits.

After a little while I just gave up and went inside I had a long fun and painful day also when my birthday comes up I am getting an RC tarantula so when I get it I’m going to scare my sister I can’t wait!!!!

In the end I went outside and tried Skating again but I failed so I went into the house and did it in the lounge I got better when I did it in the lounge. I like having these shoes because I get to skate but only One thing and its having to master it before I can skate on them so I guess I’m trying again after school. I just hope today I won’t hurt my legs today.

I can’t wait until I know how to use them.

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Favourite Part About This Term

In Term 2 of P.E.S. the best highlight I had was the opportunity to go to Kelly Tarlton’s. We got to see The King and Gentoo Penguins and also we got to see them underwater too. I liked seeing the Fish because there was a colorful fish it had stripes on it. It was the best fish I saw and also the stingray. This is my highlight because I have never been to Kelly Tarlton’s

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

For The Upcoming Summer Holidays

In the summer holidays my cousins will be coming over. Brock will teach me some soccer moves. I cant wait also we will be playing Minecraft together on a normal server if we wanted but for now we will just be on a real server until he gets here. I'm going to tell my cousin what I did during school time. I hope my other cousin Kallum will be here so I can really stink up the room he will be sleeping in.

I hope me, my cousin's and family can go to paint ball and team with my cousin Brock. I want to really paint ball Kallum because he always gets smart but not smart at same time it is so confusing. And I also can’t wait because I might be going to see the Lone Ranger Starring Johnny Depp.

I want to make sure that my cousins have a good time if we go to paint ball or if we go to the movies. If we do get to go to paint ball I would grab a sniper paint ball gun and get into a little camping spot so when I see someone I can shoot them right in the leg or back. I like my cousins because they keep me entertained some times if I get extremely bored.

I bet Kallum is taller than my Mum now hope he is. I can’t wait for him to come up also I can't wait for Brock to teach me some new soccer moves. Because he is in a soccer team for his school, he told me that he played a 90 minute game and he also said he played a 60 minute game. I was shocked and then I said "Was It Fun?" just to be smart he replied "No" and then I hummed then we started playing a game together. Well now I can't wait until he gets here because we are going to be doing a whole range of stuff.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kelly Tarltons

One Munday morning Team 4 went to Kelly Tarltons for a team trip it was fun. When we were on the bus I was sitting next to my mum.

Once we were at Kelly Tarltons we room 16 went into the EXIT room first to learn about the penguins and also the Ski-Doo and also the scott base/scott hut. The scott base was coloured green, because it reminded them of the grass in here not in Antarctica.

After we went out we went into the ENTRANCE room it was amazing the start was awesome. We saw all the penguins well only the King and Adelie penguins After we went past we got to have a photo :D.

After the photo we went in a room it felt like the floor was going to turn upside down. But it was only an Illusion, Once we got out of their we went into more other rooms.

My favourite room was the escelator room because of the fish we found the Wobbagon fish it blended in with the rocks but it was on the top just before you leave. I also saw a colourd fish it had white red blue and green on it I took a photo with it. Here is what it looks like with me in it

At Kelly Tarltons there were a whole lot we even saw a scorpion fish get fed when it gets fed its mouth and some gils all go out and back in real fast. We then watched the eels get fed I noticed a weird thing in their nose it was like Poop but it was their nostrils.

After we were done in there now it was time to go home (back to class) it was lunch time by the time we got back, I sat in the back with Liku, my mum and Karmana. We went to class and started writing.

It was great there to bad I can't go there for a field trip again oh well.