Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Going To Botany

On sunday during the holidays I went to botany with my mum and sister to get some new shoes from No.1 Shoes they were wheel shoes they were Purple black and the bottom was White sw. After we bought them we went to sylvia park when we were there we went to a make your own Sundae it was pretty fun. I had chocolate and some sour snakes with some Mango ice cream too I enjoyed it I was given 20$ to buy something I wanted.

Once I bought something I wanted from The Warehouse I got thirsty so I bought a Sprite we went inside The Warehouse so we could get my sister what she wanted too. When we all finished getting our stuff we went home and I tried my new shoes it was hard at first to control skating. But then after I got used to it I got the hang of it but once I was outside I nearly face planted on top of the ground but I put my hands out and also when I was inside I was walking then I nearly did the splits it was my second time because I was outside and I nearly did the splits.

After a little while I just gave up and went inside I had a long fun and painful day also when my birthday comes up I am getting an RC tarantula so when I get it I’m going to scare my sister I can’t wait!!!!

In the end I went outside and tried Skating again but I failed so I went into the house and did it in the lounge I got better when I did it in the lounge. I like having these shoes because I get to skate but only One thing and its having to master it before I can skate on them so I guess I’m trying again after school. I just hope today I won’t hurt my legs today.

I can’t wait until I know how to use them.

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