Thursday, March 28, 2013

Testing Omaru Creek for - Turbidity

I am going to find out about turbidity of Omaru Creek

I am going to test this by getting some water samples looking at how much I can see through it

Resources and equipment 4 water samples from The culvert, The Bridge The Sea And Tap Water.

I predict that the tap water will be size 9, the culvert water size 12, the seawater 14, and the bridgewater size 14.

I think this because:
The Tap Water Is Very Clean and has been tested, the culvert is sort of clean and can see through it, the seawater is salty and is cloudy and nearly see through it, and the bridgewater is green but you can see a little bit through it  

Results of my tests

Tap water
Omaru Creek water by culvert
Omaru Creek water by bridge

My conclusion (what I found out):
What I found out about how clear the water was Omaru Creek’s Culvert was clean and the bridge water, well not really

Why I think this is Why I think the culvert is clean is because it doesnt have a ot of things in it like rubber and tar also for the bridge it is not clear even if you look through a sample test.

The Pic

This Is What Happens To The Creek When You Litter!!

Poormans Stream and Omaru Creek Difference

Here Are The Difference Of Omaru Creek And Poormans Stream

Testing Omaru Creek for -Color

I am going to find out:
What Color The Water Is

I am going to test this by:
Comparing different water samples and describing color

Resources and equipment:
4 water samples from 1. The Culvert 2. The Bridge 3. The Sea 4. Tap

I predict that:
The Bridge is Opescale The Culvert is Multicolored The Tap water is clear The Sea Salty

I think this because:

  1. The tap water is clean because of no mud in it.
  2. Sea Water is clean because of the mangroves.
  3. Culvert has a lot of rubbish.
  4. The Sun Is Making it change color so it looks different

Results of my tests

Sea Water
A Bit Cloudy and Healthy
Tap water
Transparent Water
Omaru Creek water by culvert
Clear Water but Dirty
Omaru Creek water by bridge

My conclusion (what I found out):
The Sea Water Is actually clean, The Bridge has green water, The Water near the culvert is bumpy.

Why I think this is:
Because of the Salt And Mangroves, The Bridge Is Green because of the plants, It is bumpy because of all the Rubber and Taro from the road.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Omaru Creek Animation

Here is my animation of Omaru Creek Hope you enjoy it please leave soe feedback!!!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Testing Omaru Creek For - Smell

In My Class We Did Some Water Samples. And It Was Smell This Time, When We Smelt The 3 Water Samples They Smelt Weird.

I am going to find out: The Smell Of All 4 Water Types: Omaru Creek Culvert, Omaru Creek Bridge, Sea and Tap Water

I am going to test this by: Smelling 4 different water types

Resources and equipment:
String, Bucket, 4 Jars

I predict that:
The Water next To The Dam and The Bridge is sweet, And The Culvert Not Very Strong

I think this because:
The Culvert Water Has Bits  

Results of my tests

Sea Water
Salty And Cloudy
Tap water
Fresh And Clean
Omaru Creek water by culvert
Clean And Brown Bits

Omaru Creek water by bridge

Smells like doo doo.

My conclusion (what I found out): The plants is making the water bad and Sweet to.

Why I think this is: Omaru Creek is not for a good water.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Camping With The Dead PART 2

On The Highway* “Man Its Like A Traffic Jam” Max said “Yeah Why Don’t Walk Instead” Michael insisted, “Do You Honestly Want To Die?!” Max yelled “No” Michael Snapped Back. So they argued for fifteen minutes then Michael hopped out of the truck and walked. “Oh Dude” Max said to himself.

Halfway down the highway Max saw someone (or something) “What the” Max said, it was running towards the truck “AAAH” it yelled, Max noticed it was Michael “Michael get in the truck now dude!!” Max grabbed his gun and looked through the scope “Oh No” Max said.

Michael got into the truck and sped down the main road and smashed a lot of cars, Josh started to bark very loud “Quiet please Josh” Max ordered. Soon something very big came charging at the truck, it flipped the truck into the air making it land upside down. A pack of zombies grabbed Michael out of the truck and took him somewhere Max and Josh were unconscious.

2 hours later* A man named Jay lived near the main road he saw smoke come from the main road he ran out there (with a pistol and a micro-uzi). He was at the scene he grabbed Josh and Max out of the truck and took him to his house. Josh was sleeping Max woke up “What the where am I?” asked Max “You’re at my house by the way my name is Jay” He said, “My name is Max nice to meet you Jay” Max said politely.

At Jay’s House* As they were talking Josh woke up Jay tossed a bone onto the ground, Josh ran over to it and started licking it “We need to get my friend Michael back” Max told Jay. Max told Jay the story of the apocalypse “Well then lets go and find him” Jay said.


The Zombies Told Michael that they wanted him to crack a code “I WON’T DO IT” argued Michael “Ok we will turn you into one of us instead” said The Zombie King.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Francis Mangere Pools

I was excited to hop in a bus to get to the Mangere Pools on my very last day of camp. When we got there I sat waiting eager to get in the water. First we had to watch the races. It was a really hot day and I wish we could swim before the races but we couldn’t.

At 11:30 a slide was opened, it looked really awesome. But when it was my turn I was freaked out by the way it went down. It felt like I was going to fly onto the concrete but somehow I was sticking to the slide, it wasn’t so fast after all. When I landed I flew into the water legs first.

For my second turn it was less scary I was waiting for Ms Garden to say “GO”. When she did I closed my eyes and opened them before I hit the water. After I hit the water I thought it wasn’t deep, but it was. Mr Somerville was next, He made a HUGE splash.

During my third turn Mr S was last, because Ms Garden told him to tell anyone else who wanted to go on it couldn’t because it was time to go. Waiting for my turn Mr Marks did a bomb in the bombing pool, when he hit the water some of it hit me. “ WHY MR MARKS!!” I yelled.

It was time to finish swimming. We all went onto the grass waiting for Ms Garden to say which teams to go first onto the bus. I wish we could stay for 2 more hours.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Camp Concert

Here is the dance that my team The Cooperators did it was very fun so please leave a comment and enjoy!!

My Addition Solving Probs

Here is My Video Of Me solving an addition problem

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Camping With The Dead Part 1

Max was a man who loved to camp but he didn’t have internet no tv just a tent, a pillow, and a sleeping bag he had a little food because he would hunt for his food. He never knew that he was the last man to camp, because he was the only man alive it was 2027. “Well I wonder if anyone is here?” Max said to himself, just then when he was grabbing his bow he heard a strange noise. “What was that?!” he said. He started running to where the noise came from, It was tire tracks “I’m not the only one alive I guess”

Two Hours Later* Max soon found the truck, “Here is the truck wonder if anyone is inside” He carefully walked into the truck “Don’t hurt me please!” The guy hiding under a seat of the truck, “Don’t worry I won’t hurt you” Max said. “Its started young man” the man said, “What? What started?” Max was confused, “The Infection has started” He said.

4 Hours Later* “Anyway what is your name?” Max asked “My name is” he paused for a bit “My name is Michael”. “Can this truck go?” Max said “Yes but there is not heaps of gas” Michael said, “Well lets go to my campsite” Max said while shutting the truck door. Off they went to Max’s campsite “Here we are” As they hopped out Max’s dog Josh started licking him. “Michael lucky I stay here so i have to catch my food with this” Max shows Michael his shotgun.

6 Hours Later* “Lets get out of here and on to the main highway” Max says, Michael sees some gas and picks it up. “I will fill the truck up with gas” Michael puts the gas into the truck and the truck is soon fill with gas. “Well Lets Go” So they went to the highway...

TO BE CONTINUED..............