Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rotation & Translation

This is a Slideshow that I put together showing Rotation, Reflection, Translation (Sliding), & Enlargment

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gaelic Football

Gaelic Football is a game made up of 15 people, on a rectangular grass pitched field. The objective of the game is to score points by passing the ball through the other’s goal. The Positions are quite similar to soccer, which is a Goalkeeper, Six backs, Two midfielders, Six Forwards, with a variable number of subs.

This game is most popular in Ireland, infact in 2011 the All-Ireland Senior Championship Finals were held in Croke Park, Dublin, which drew an attendance over 80,000. The nicknames for the game are, Caid, Football, and Gaelic.

Apart from Ireland, football is mainly played played amongst members of the Irish Diaspora. In 1887 that was when the first ever game had been played. The game does involve contact, along with it being a single-gender game. It was also a former Olympic Game.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Moon La Luna

We had to write two separate paragraphs describing the opening scene for the animation La Luna. Here is a link to see the movie, La Luna.  
Which one do you like the best?

One calm night, the sky was covered in stars. They glistened, reflecting off the ocean water. The moon made an ombre effect in the dark sky. An old man, buff boat rower, and an innocent child, gently rowed along in a dingy.

A buff man rowed gentle strokes. Holding the oars still he gradually came to a halt and pulled the oars in. An innocent-faced boy peered over the gunnels and stared at his reflection. Reaching down, touching the calm smooth water, his reflection rippled away. The moon had climbed slowly to the top of the night sky. The boy glanced at it, while being handed an anchor. Unexpectedly the buff man pulled a ladder out for the kid to climb the moon.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kabbadi Explanation




Kabaddi is a game of…..? What sort of skills are needed?

tackling , defending, speed, agility, aggression, strength

Where and when was this game invented?
Was there anything significant about the game? i.e. was it connected to an event, did it relate to a legend or story? Was it teaching about something or used as a celebration at certain times of the year?      
Has the game altered or been modified over time?  
Is it still played today? If yes where? How popular is it?             

(Write your notes here - then organise them into paragraphs)
Developed 4000 years ago - develop self-defence skills - warriors
In Sanskrit - translation - holding hands
Contact sport
Similarities- rugby,  Capture the Flag, wrestling
International  Competition - kabaddi World Cup
Other countries play
Alterations- time / one breath.
The Sport

How to Play/Rules
What is the purpose of the game? How many players? Where is it played? (size/shape/type of field/court) Are there any positions?  Where are they allowed to go? What is their main purpose?
What equipment is needed?  How is the game won?
The Sport

(Write your notes here - then organise them into paragraphs)
Field/Court - rectangular -  centre line -  gateway middle
7 players each side
Alternate between- defence/attack
Attack - Send a raider - tag an opponent-  run back through gate
Defence- 4 players link arms - If tagged by raider- catch - restrain from  getting over line.

Skills - wrestling, speed , agility for dodging, side stepping, strength

Kabbadi is a sport like capture the flag and tackle rugby. You need to tag a defender and run back through the gate in the middle of the rectangular field to get a point. But the defenders are trying to tackle you to stop you from getting past the gate in time.

It developed 4000 years ago in India. In Sanskrit to English Kabaddi means holding hands. Its a contact sport because people try to tackle you after you tag them so that you can’t get past the gate. Originally you had to take a big breath and say “Kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi” until you ran out of breath. Now you have 30 seconds to run out tag someone and run back through the gate.

14 people or 2 teams of 7 are needed to play kabaddi 4 as defenders and 3 as raiders. The defenders need to tackle the raider from the other team after the raider tags one of them. The raider needs to tag a defender and get back through the gate within 30 seconds, but the defenders are trying to tackle you.

Kabbadi is a fun game that has got a world cup named after it.

The Wave - Life Guard Perspective

The Life Guard saw a huge wave towering the kid and ran to the shore, his feet almost burning from the hot sand. He ran from his tower to the sea, bolting it down to aid the kid but he was too slow. Paul down on the mat of the ocean. 45 seconds later everyone thought he would be good as dead. But then a small head emerged. “Help Him Quick!” the lifeguard had yelled, feeling relieved he threw a towel over Paul to keep him warm.

Tim Vine "Hoover Joke"

I decided to sell my Hoover ... well it was just collecting dust.

Quote by Tim Vine winner of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His night vision goggles were definitely a total rip off and at the end... he remembers he doesn't have a wife. His other jokes were as funny as the rest. "Excuse me sir do you happen to have llama?" He asked the someone in the audience. "Don't worry I ask everyone in that seat if they have a llama.

Watch this video to see his performance.