Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Amusement Park

The sun had drew itself up slowly, it was the start of a great day, Carlos woke up and stared outside into the daylight. He then jumped into the shower and had a wash after he finished he got out and dried after that he got dressed. He walked downstairs and went to have some breakfast “Good morning dear” his mother said but Carlos didn't answer he just sat and the table ready for some pancakes.

After he finished he went to the most fun place “Hey Carlos!” someone yelled, He looked around and then he heard the voice again “Carlos over here!” He looked behind him and to his surprise it was Jack & Gibson... The twins. “Hey guys sorry didn't see you two there” Carlos replied, Carlos looked at all the rides he saw one it was named ‘The Death Coaster’. “No way” Carlos exclaimed he imagined what it would be like on it so he ran over with Gibson & Jack Tailing. He went up to it and sat down along with Gibson & Jack in the back one. “Carlos are you sure about this????” Gibson asked “Of Course,” Carlos snapped, and then a while later some more of Carlos’ friends hopped in their names were Jim & Justin, Justin sat next to him and Jim sat next to some sweaty man.

The Death Coaster started it slowly approached the top of a drop but once it got up, Death just stopped. But then a sign said something about the coaster “SORRY ABOUT THIS BUT IT SEEMS WE HAVE SOME TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY” Carlos smashed at the chair in front of him violently, but as he did it only moved a little bit, “EVERYONE PUT YOUR HEADS DOWN!!” a man said, everyone listened and put their heads down (except for Carlos who was mad).

The man came and forced Carlos’ head down and a chopper came and pushed them it built enough speed that it could go around the track. Jack looked at the chopper and saw a wire “Hmm I guess the choppers been wired maybe because...” he paused and then figured it out but Gibson said it “...It was meant to do it  because it never actually broke down it was meant to happen!” Meanwhile, Carlos had settled down and the ride had finished.

The Amusement Park was closed the sun had started to set and the moon had started to rise Carlos and his friends looked at the stars, the moon, then they all went home Carlos’ mother came and said “Need a ride dear?” Carlos looked at his friends and said “No thanks Mom I think we’ll walk.” Carlos eventually got home and went to sleep.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Largest Black Holes In The Universe

Our Milky Way may harbour millions of black holes... the ultra dense remnants of dead stars. But now, in the universe far beyond our galaxy, there's evidence of something far more ominous. A breed of black holes that has reached incomprehensible size and destructive power. Just how large, and violent, and strange can they get?

A new era in astronomy has revealed a universe long hidden to us. High-tech instruments sent into space have been tuned to sense high-energy forms of light -- x-rays and gamma rays -- that are invisible to our eyes and do not penetrate our atmosphere. On the ground, precision telescopes are equipped with technologies that allow them to cancel out the blurring effects of the atmosphere. They are peering into the far reaches of the universe, and into distant cauldrons of light and energy. In some distant galaxies, astronomers are now finding evidence that space and time are being shattered by eruptions so vast they boggle the mind.

We are just beginning to understand the impact these outbursts have had on the universe: On the shapes of galaxies, the spread of elements that make up stars and planets, and ultimately the very existence of Earth. The discovery of what causes these eruptions has led to a new understanding of cosmic history. Back in 1995, the Hubble space telescope was enlisted to begin filling in the details of that history. Astronomers selected tiny regions in the sky, between the stars. For days at a time, they focused Hubble's gaze on remote regions of the universe.

These Hubble Deep Field images offered incredibly clear views of the cosmos in its infancy. What drew astronomers' attention were the tiniest galaxies, covering only a few pixels on Hubble's detector. Most of them do not have the grand spiral or elliptical shapes of large galaxies we see close to us today.

Instead, they are irregular, scrappy collections of stars. The Hubble Deep Field confirmed a long-standing idea that the universe must have evolved in a series of building blocks, with small galaxies gradually merging and assembling into larger ones.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Seed Stealer

In a dark, misty night two brothers named Louis & John boarded a plane to the Countryside, Once they got there they walked to their home they bought. They went to bed, they slept in until they heard a noise... ...a rooster crowing waking everyone up. They woke up and went to buy some seeds to plant, the seeds cost two dollars each so they bought 10 seeds.

They went home and planted the seeds, Louis planted half the seeds and John planted the other half. When night fell a stranger wearing a mask and holding a hoe in his hand started to dig up the seeds. He stole them and wanted to plant them in his backyard, “They aren't smart what dummies,” the Stranger said to himself, but at that moment Louis woke and saw the guy straight on face to mask. The stranger ran with the seeds in his hands, He jumped the fence and yelled out “You guys need better protection!” The stranger yelled in a slight high pitched voice.

Louis stopped and remembered where he heard his voice, John woke up and went over to Louis, “Hey man what’s wrong why are the seeds out?” He asked, “Huh? Oh that dude I remember his voice from somewhere, I think it was in Las Vegas he shouted the exact same words when we lost our car” replied Louis. 

So Louis walked inside and dialled 111, A voice answered on the other end “Hello 111 emergency state your call” “Um sorry to call so late but can I please talk to the police” he asked “Ok sir putting you through now” An officer by the name of Rick answered the phone, “Hello this is the Police,” “Oh hi sir I just got robbed of my seeds and I would like to know who always says “You Need Better Protection,” Louis exclaimed, “Well that might be Tony Wood,” replied Rick, “Ok thanks sir but can you still come down here?” Louis asked “Oh No No one is on duty but we might come tomorrow”

The next day the police turned up to Louis’ house, Rick brought along his partner Johnny. They walked up to the house and opened the door, they fixed some traps and cameras in the home as well as seeds were planted in hope to catch Tony, as the night passed Rick & Johnny was hidden and when they heard a voice and heard a hoe digging and unharvested the seeds when he took the seeds Tony ran he fell into one of the traps. The police went after him and got him out then cuffed him. The police took him to the station and put him in jail for over five years.

And so it was thanks to the police, John and Louis were able to plant seeds and hope they turn into plants for as long as they want. Seen ten years had passed John and Louis went back to L.V. and lived happily for as long as they lived.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Grown Ups 2

During the break I went to the movies at Sylvia Park, I went with my Mum & Sister, I had a great time there, The way the Director made the movie was great it was hilarious, I really loved the whole thing it was like Action,Drama,Romance. The Movie Starred Adam Sandler in it, for the record I bet everyone loved it, nearing to the end began a backyard war it was The Middle Aged people, and against them were some teens that are college age.

In the movie were two men one was tall his hair had none at the top only on the side and back, and one small with the same hair, The tallest one was an officer and the small one was a Shop Employee, The shop employee had a son his son looked like the two but with flat hair at the front.

Once the movie finished we went back home and just chilled we had a drink before we got home then after that I got ice out of the freezer and stuck it over my head because I felt like I was going to burn my eyes out through my nose. It was a long day for me I went to sleep after that.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Matching Pictures About Farming

 Today for my groups activity we had to do a Find & Pair with pictures. It was about farming. I learnt that farming is just not about sheep & cows and all the others, It is also about growing crops and food and planting trees, That thing you see over there on the left at the very end do you think that's a snake? Well Actually its not its a close up of a worm, The worms can eat the food that we/animals eat, for instance if cows eat grass and it has got worms most of the grass will be eaten by the worms and cows wont produce as much milk as they would so they have to be drenched.

If an animal doesn't get drenched they wont be able to get their milk out for the farmers anyway as I said farming is not only taking care of animals, its also about taking care of crops, plants and so on. If you were a farmer it would be difficult to manage farms well lucky we don't but all the food we get is from farmers so they should get all the credit because it would take a long time grow our food/or produce our drinks from oranges cows that turn grass to milk e.t.c.