Friday, October 18, 2013

Matching Pictures About Farming

 Today for my groups activity we had to do a Find & Pair with pictures. It was about farming. I learnt that farming is just not about sheep & cows and all the others, It is also about growing crops and food and planting trees, That thing you see over there on the left at the very end do you think that's a snake? Well Actually its not its a close up of a worm, The worms can eat the food that we/animals eat, for instance if cows eat grass and it has got worms most of the grass will be eaten by the worms and cows wont produce as much milk as they would so they have to be drenched.

If an animal doesn't get drenched they wont be able to get their milk out for the farmers anyway as I said farming is not only taking care of animals, its also about taking care of crops, plants and so on. If you were a farmer it would be difficult to manage farms well lucky we don't but all the food we get is from farmers so they should get all the credit because it would take a long time grow our food/or produce our drinks from oranges cows that turn grass to milk e.t.c.

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