Monday, October 21, 2013

Grown Ups 2

During the break I went to the movies at Sylvia Park, I went with my Mum & Sister, I had a great time there, The way the Director made the movie was great it was hilarious, I really loved the whole thing it was like Action,Drama,Romance. The Movie Starred Adam Sandler in it, for the record I bet everyone loved it, nearing to the end began a backyard war it was The Middle Aged people, and against them were some teens that are college age.

In the movie were two men one was tall his hair had none at the top only on the side and back, and one small with the same hair, The tallest one was an officer and the small one was a Shop Employee, The shop employee had a son his son looked like the two but with flat hair at the front.

Once the movie finished we went back home and just chilled we had a drink before we got home then after that I got ice out of the freezer and stuck it over my head because I felt like I was going to burn my eyes out through my nose. It was a long day for me I went to sleep after that.

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