Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Que bueno son los alfajorcitos. Muy delicioso.Wow! The alfajorcitos are great. So delicious.
Room 13 made Alfajorcitos on Thursday for a speical treat.

This treat is from Argentina so it would be an Argentinian treat. It was so sticky as well as crunchy. In Argentina so many kids eat would eat lots of Alfajorcitos. Alfajorcitos can be made into lots of layers and layers so it can’t even fit in anyone’s mouth.

Miss King brought some biscuits and jar of Dulce De Leche to school.
Our steps to make them was to get the Dulce de leche from people who have it, spread the Dulce de lecheon biscuits. We squashed the two biscuits together that we grabbed from the biscuit carton, then rolled ithem in the coconut.

Mmmm the Alfajocitos are nice they are my favourite Argentinian treats. I wanted more, but we could only have one. That smell of the Dulce de leche was so great.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aussie Rules

Wow Guess what? Room 13 went to Aussie rules.

Our Instructors names were Allysa & Megan, after lunch on Thursdays we meet them on the court.

Aucklands weather can be unpredictable. Thursday was windy, then rainy, then fine. The weather keeps on changing CRAZY!!!!! Will it ever stop?

Our Warm up we did is called Jumper Bumper the aim of the game is to bump your partner over while hopping.

Allysa taught us a new skill called a drop punt, you have the ball laces away from your face every time. The other skill is called a hand pass, you have got the ball straight on a hand and the other hand to hit the ball.

It was time for the game called Kick Baseball. The field was in a diamond shape. Your supposed to kick the ball and then use a different ball to get run round the bases. You have to bounce the ball while you're running to the cones & you can’t stop. I only made it to 1 cone because I can’t kick properly.

When the game ended we put the AFL balls away, and then Allysa asked us what the skills we learnt for Aussie rules. It was fun.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fish and Chips

Rugby, I don’t care about rugby, We watched something else. Me and Sam went to the Takeaway shop. When we got our Fish & Chips we went home to eat it we went to sleep after that. We didn’t need the R.W.C. to have fun.

Francis RWC from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.