Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aussie Rules

Wow Guess what? Room 13 went to Aussie rules.

Our Instructors names were Allysa & Megan, after lunch on Thursdays we meet them on the court.

Aucklands weather can be unpredictable. Thursday was windy, then rainy, then fine. The weather keeps on changing CRAZY!!!!! Will it ever stop?

Our Warm up we did is called Jumper Bumper the aim of the game is to bump your partner over while hopping.

Allysa taught us a new skill called a drop punt, you have the ball laces away from your face every time. The other skill is called a hand pass, you have got the ball straight on a hand and the other hand to hit the ball.

It was time for the game called Kick Baseball. The field was in a diamond shape. Your supposed to kick the ball and then use a different ball to get run round the bases. You have to bounce the ball while you're running to the cones & you can’t stop. I only made it to 1 cone because I can’t kick properly.

When the game ended we put the AFL balls away, and then Allysa asked us what the skills we learnt for Aussie rules. It was fun.

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