Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Best Five Days At The Pools


On Monday some of Rm15 went to Rm16 they went swimming and so did Rm15. We were waiting patiently to get in the pool because Mr Somerville had to put down the ladder. We all were changed, then we hopped in the pool which was cold at first but then it started to get warmer.

When we got into the pool we were told we were to not allowed to jump or dive into the pool off the ladder. There was a tent over the pool so it was not very hot in the pool, we all splashed and accidentally hit Mr S with the water. We all dived under we could see small ripples when we  resurfaced

After we all had some free time Mr S blew his whistle and told us to get into two lines against the wall. He had a tennis ball and said that whoever gets the ball first wins one point, it was first to fifteen points win. The Girls won twice first which meant they could make us do something, they made us do the dougie then gangnam style, it was quite funny.\

With Thanks To Vaifoa For Editing My Writing

Friday, November 23, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Ultimate Show Down On Halloween Humans VS Zombies

A long time ago lived two brothers they loved trick or treating “Trick Or Treat” Jeremy would say “Well aren't you in a great costume, here have some candy” said the guy at the door. “Where are we even going Will?” Jeremy asked “You’ll see” He replied “I hate surprises” Jeremy said under his breath. When Will and Jeremy got to a weird looking house, Jeremy said “Will... we should turn back” “Why? We just got here” Will said. Just then Will touched a stone and something happened... a zombies arm came up from the ground “Will we better run” Jeremy Yelled “Ok!” he yelled.

They now had to find a way to stop the zombies from taking over the town. So they phoned their friends “Hey I need some help” Will said through the phone. Meanwhile Jeremy was putting up borders and putting up barricades to stop the zombies from reaching the house fast, putting rifles in the rifle shack, pistols in the pistol shack. “And done” Jeremy said. Like lightning bolts all their friends were at the place. The borders were being pounded, the barricades being destroyed.

“Ok guys this is it grab a pistol and rifle and we shoot all these zombies back in there-” Jeremy was interrupted by a noise “Die Zombies Go Back To Your Homes Zombies” The man yelled “GO AWAY ZOMBIES” “Ok Guys Attack” Will yelled “Will Stay here with Josh and Max I’ll go with Johnny and Jacob to get the man” Jeremy ordered “Ok Jeremy” Max said while shooting the zombies off. “Cover me” Jeremy said as he opened the door “Yes Sir” Johnny and Jacob said together. A zombie came right up to Jacob and nearly bit him but luckily Johnny shot it “Zombies be gone” he muttered to himself. Jacob shot bullets everywhere and hit fifty zombies then Jacob started aiming for the zombies near Jeremy.

When Jeremy reached the man he said “Come with me we will need another good shooter like you” “Names Pat” The man said “I’ll come with you” Then Jeremy gave Jacob and Johnny the signal “Great the man is with us” Pat and Jeremy were shooting the zombies Jeremy gave another signal “Ok Got to get the boys lets go” Johnny and Jacob ran to the house “Lets go guys we gotta move they need backup” “Ok” said Will “We need more space to duck and fire to many zombies at the borders” The guys soon caught up with Pat and Jeremy.

When there were less zombies Jeremy called his friends “Hey can you help with this zombie problem” “Sure Sure”. They Travelled in rockets and ammo ejected from the seat. They all soon defeated the zombies and Will touched the stone and all the zombies were stuck underground once more “Well that was a great day for halloween” Jeremy said “Yep” said Will “See you later guys” “See you round” Pat, Johnny, Max, Jacob, Josh, and Jeremy's friends said.