Friday, March 23, 2012

Sleeping In A Tent

On Wednesday night we slept in our tents on the lumpy uneven ground. Luckily Semi used his sleeping bag as a mattress so we didn’t touch the ground and have sore backs in the morning. In the morning Miss King said “ Wake up campers hurry up”. I said to myself that I didn’t want to wake up but I had to. After I was dressed I ran as fast as I could before my feet got cold on the grass, but it was so cold it made my feet freeze!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Francis' Blindfolded Obstacle Course

On Monday room 15 went to the hall, “It’s an Obstacle course” I said to myself. We were all amazed with excitement. Until Mr Marks said “ This is a blindfold obstacle course you have to be in pairs and it’s not a race” So I partnered up with Lee.

I was the one who was blindfolded first, “ Where are you buddy” I asked after I was blindfolded. “I am behind you” Lee replied. I was following his voice, “Put your leg up higher” He said, so I moved up a tiny bit then lifted my leg up. I kept on walking straight across, then I fell down onto the ropes, they felt like rubber snakes.

Then I was up to the rugby bags, I fell on the skinny rugby bag and hit my head on the floor when I fell over the blue rugby bag. I was up to the cone where you hade to zig zag i crashed into cones.Then I was up to the tarpaulin it was dark under it because I had the blindfold on and was under the tarpaulin too.

I was going crazy under the tarpaulin because I couldn’t get through it. When I was up to the mat I tripped and fell. I was up to the big blue `mat but before I got there I crashed into the wall then into Lee then I got up the stairs. I didn’t know where Lee was because I couldn’t hear him speak.
My blindfold was slipping down but I tried to keep pulling it up. It was no use so I just jumped. Then it slid onto my neck.

I asked Mr Marks to take it of because it was hard and because I kept on tightened it. When it was off me and Lee went and sat down again.