Friday, May 11, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Do you know what happens for two weeks this term? Swimming!!!

On Monday Rm 15 went to the pool. Hopping in two at a time to see what group we get put into. I was put into group one and my friend was put into group three. Our instructor Ben said “Put your arms in a shape of a rocket ship”.

Waiting impatiently for my turn I was bobbing up and down finally it was my turn. Taking a deep breath I pushed off the wall, I started to slow down until I was suddenly propelled through the water by Ben pushing my feet. Reaching the fake island I took another big breath and lined back up in the side of the pool.

After everyone had their turn Ben said “ Time to get out”. I wish I could stay in the warm pool but we couldn’t. On the bright side though this was only the first day of swimming. Hooray!!!


  1. Well done Francis, I like that you have used some great description words to make your writing more interesting, like 'waiting impatiently'.

    Next time I would like you to try and include more of this.

  2. Hey Francis I like your story with spectacular words. Cant wait till your next story.



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