Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School Cross Country

Hey can you guess what Pt England School did? Well if you can't we did Cross Country! My Team was Mataatua (Green).

On Friday at 12:30p.m. The whole school of Pt England went out to the court except the Nine and Ten year olds we had to line up where the court is near Rm16. Once we were all there Mr Burt walked to the reserve with us following behind. Once we got there we waited for Mr Burt to use his wooden clappers that have been stuck together.

Once Mr Burt hit his clappers together off we went into the hard path. Going towards a bridge I see a muddy puddle, I look for a way over but there was no way so I ran straight through the puddles that kept appearing in my way. Running over the bridge I come to another muddy puddle and run straight through it, after awhile it started to become more and more congested.

When we finished the mud puddles near the bridge we got up to the forest. I fell over four times because of the slippery mud. It was real funny that I was slipping over because it was pretty much the funniest thing that ever happened. I laughed and laughed before getting up and running again.

Once I passed by Miss King I knew that I was almost there. Seeing the playground I hear people cheering as I pass the Finish Line. After I was finished I was really exhausted, wet mud almost full in my shoes I sit down in the Nine year olds Line I was happy that I finished I didn’t want to run again.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Francis Bbq

Have you been working hard every term? Yes! Well Rm15 got a special treat on the 14th of Tuesday. We got to have sausages!! I can tell you how we made it, all you have to do is sit back and read.

One Tuesday morning Mr Marks said “Today we will make a Barbeque with sausages” The whole class was excited!! Mr Marks had some knives in the office along with some sausages Mr Marks bought from the Mad Butcher's, Tomato sauce and Barbeque sauce, Onions, and a grill that   was small so we had to use a table for it to sit on. When I got a turn cutting an onion I started to get watering eyes, when the onions were cut I started to peeling them into smaller rings. Once I finished I went out to see how Lee & Taniela was doing with the bbq “So hows it like to grill?” I asked “Actually its quite fun” Lee replied.With nothing else to do I waited impatiently for the sausages to be ready. Hearing the sizzling noise come from the sausages some of the sausages were rotating by themselves, I ask “How come that the sausages are moving?”  “They sometimes do that” Lee said. I said impatiently “I wish they are ready now” “Me too” Lee said.

When we got back from Mr Jacobson's Music Rm the sausages were ready. “Yum Yum can’t wait to eat it” I said as I walked towards the bread.I went over to Mr Marks where he had the sausages and onions “Want any Onions?” Mr Marks asked “Yes please” I replied after getting some onions and a sausage I walked towards the door to get some Tomato & Bbq sauce “Thanks” I said to Meleane “Its ok” Meleane replied. It looked like it was wrapped in a bread blanket. Looking at my sausage my stomach started growling with excitement because it was hungry and it was really really delicious “Ok Ok” I said sharply back to my stomach. I took a bite and it was really crispy and crunchy, munching on my sausage my stomach didn’t feel empty any more actually it was full.

When I finished my sausage I went in and said “Mr Marks can I have another one?” “Not enough besides the teachers need some” Mr Marks said. Thinking and thinking I looked at the list and saw Ms King’s name “Mr Marks can I take one to Ms King?” I asked “Sure” Mr Marks said. Grabbing a piece of paper and bread Mr Marks put a sausage on the bread with Bbq & Tomato sauce, I walked down to Rm13 “Hi Ms King” I said “Hello” she said back “I bought you a sausage from when Mr Marks made a Bbq” “What's the occasion?” Ms King asked “No occasion Mr Marks just made some for other teachers though so yea no occasion” I said as I handing the sausage into Ms King’s hand.  “Do I have to pay” “No” I replied “Francis tell Mr Marks I said thanks” Ms King told me.

When I returned I said “Mr Marks Ms King said thanks” “Ok” Mr Marks said. Just some teachers got sausages. Once the bell rung we all went outside and ate our lunch when the 1:10 bell went we all played on the court. When the 2:00 bell went we all went inside and did some work. There was crumbs all over the bay when we finished eating. The 3:00 bell went and we all went home.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Reading A Cherub Book

On a bright Saturday Morning I was reading my book (made by a man named Robert Muchamore) lying down on the comfy couch in the lounge. While I was reading my book I started feeling like I was in a cocoon! Well not really it was how long I was on the chair.The book was about a kid named James whose mother died. 10 yrs later he was taken to a place called Cherub. James also has a sister Lauren who just finished training. People never know when kids are watching parents especially if they are terrorists.

Later on James helped Lauren move from the Junior section of the big cherub building to the other side of the building it took about three rides in a buggy and almost took out James back! Luckily though James back did not expire but he was really tired moving all of her stuff it almost took 5 hrs after they finished James and Lauren went to the Cafeteria and grabbed something to eat.

Then later on John Jones came to James room and knocked on the door (He is the man who is in the 2nd book)  “James I want to know if you want to go on a mission?” John asked “ Sure I’ll do it” James replied. When he got to where John is James met David (or Dave for short) “ So have you met him before?” asked John. “No” replied James “well seen you came here I’d like you to me Dave” said John. “Hi David” said James he felt like an idiot saying hi to a cherub in a black t-shirt. “Hey James & please call me Dave” replied Dave “ Umm ok Dave” said James.

“Anyway now that you know who Dave is we can get down to business” John Continued “Arizona Max is a jail in the desert and I was thinking that you need to go inside a bust someone out but before we can go we will need another kid James, Dave will you know anyone who could?” Asked John “What about Lauren?” suggested James “No she is too young and maybe she will not be able to-” John paused “actually that might be a good idea go and see her first just incase” John said “But wait John we just finished moving her stuff from the Junior Block to the block I’m at.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Soccer Training

Hearing the lunch bell ring I hopped up and start running to the field waiting to start training. Seeing Mr Harris with the soccer ball and post’s “Mr Harris can i hold the soccer ball please?” I asked “Ok” replied Mr Harris. Kicking the ball onto the field I soon noticed my team and the opposite team too.

When everyone was here Mr Harris told us to markup and break free. Hearing the whistle I kicked the ball to Lee and he started running with it when he was nearly at the end Kori-lee marked him so he quickly passed the ball to me, looking around for a free partner I spot Iisa “Pass the ball to me” Iisa shouts, moving up to the goal closer and closer I pass the ball to Iisa and he shoots the ball into the the goal. When we got to the middle Mr Harris put the ball down and Kori-lee passed the ball to Henry, Henry started running up to the goal then I slid and kicked the ball from Henry. The ball went to Lee, suddenly he went sprinting down the field and got a goal.

In some last minutes my team got the victory by three points we had ten points and the other team lost at the points at seven. We all had a good game and we gave each other respect when we played besides it’s not about winning it’s more about fun. Once we helped each other up from the mud in the grass when we all got up we looked at the destroyed grass we were really exhausted.

Triple X's Story

One very cold night in the town of hoof-ten lived a senator named Triple X. He was sleeping in a house he had been exhausted from all the work he had been doing. He fell asleep on his bed with his door unlocked by mistake and during that night he was robbed!! It had been an alien!! Seen he had been sleeping with hard work he felt cold air on his face. Suddenly he got up really fast he grabbed a T-shirt went to where the phone was but it wasn’t there so he went to the garage and his car and motorbike was not there either “Oh No I was robbed by two robbers” said Triple X he closed the garage making sure that his garage and door was locked then he went running at first he was a little slow but he got faster and faster and faster when he was running he soon got to his friends house and asked “Have you seen any... ...Oh my you have been robbed too!” “yea they even took my best thing my BIG T.V.” said Sagnoid sadly “Hey wanna come I am trying to get all my stuff and if you want to come you can ok” suggested Triple X “Ok at least my car wasn’t stolen lets go I’ll bring it around the front out of the garage” said Sagnoid “Ok there’s no time to waste” said Triple X excitedly “One more thing Triple X” said Sagnoid “yea?” said Triple X “why are you so excited” “Because I don’t have to run any more I barely caught my breath running” said Triple X “Oh ok” said Sagnoid. Just then Sagnoid bought out two motorbikes “What?” said Triple X “You’re gonna drive one Triple” replied Sagnoid “Oh” said Triple X. Starting the engines on the motorbikes they saw the two aliens that stole their stuff “THERE THEY ARE” said Triple X angry Vr Mmmm the motorbikes started up Triple X and Sagnoid drove off fast. Once they got to the school Triple X’s Motorbike and Car were sitting in the school carpark then when they entered the school the two aliens were trapped in the english room "We've got you now!!". Later that night Triple X finally got to go to sleep or did he? OH NO HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!