Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School Cross Country

Hey can you guess what Pt England School did? Well if you can't we did Cross Country! My Team was Mataatua (Green).

On Friday at 12:30p.m. The whole school of Pt England went out to the court except the Nine and Ten year olds we had to line up where the court is near Rm16. Once we were all there Mr Burt walked to the reserve with us following behind. Once we got there we waited for Mr Burt to use his wooden clappers that have been stuck together.

Once Mr Burt hit his clappers together off we went into the hard path. Going towards a bridge I see a muddy puddle, I look for a way over but there was no way so I ran straight through the puddles that kept appearing in my way. Running over the bridge I come to another muddy puddle and run straight through it, after awhile it started to become more and more congested.

When we finished the mud puddles near the bridge we got up to the forest. I fell over four times because of the slippery mud. It was real funny that I was slipping over because it was pretty much the funniest thing that ever happened. I laughed and laughed before getting up and running again.

Once I passed by Miss King I knew that I was almost there. Seeing the playground I hear people cheering as I pass the Finish Line. After I was finished I was really exhausted, wet mud almost full in my shoes I sit down in the Nine year olds Line I was happy that I finished I didn’t want to run again.

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