Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chimpanzee and The Crime!

It was a very odd day for a chimpanzee a humble chimpanzee. His name was Ed he had a partner but although his partner had been murdered. The chimpanzee was trying to solve a crime a crime of someone stealing a car. When Ed returned to his house his partner was on the floor. Then I walked in and saw Ed “EEK AAK” Ed said “What happened Ed?” I asked “Eek Aak” Ed replied.The thief had murdered Ed’s Partner so Ed swore to get revenge. “Ed lets go catch the thief” I said “Eek Ook” He said.

As I looked around for a handprint Ed called me “Eek Aak” He said “I’m coming Ed” I replied. I saw a gun and then I studied it very closely, Ed was wearing a very strange top. I noticed Ed had a tear down his eye “Ed what’s wrong” I asked “Eeeeeek” Ed said sadly “Oh that’s very sad” I wished Ed’s Partner wasn’t dead.

Something shot straight out of the sky and straight through the house where Ed and I are in. It was an alien ship. “Eek Aak??” Ed said “These day’s are just getting weirder and weirder” I said. A Alien Jumped out dizzy and then he said “Greetings Earthlings” “You Talk!” I yelled “Yes and so will your friend” The alien blasts Ed and Ed can talk now. “Cool” Ed said “My name is Justin” Said the alien “I crashed here when something shot my ship” “Well we are trying to catch the thief” I said “Yes we are” Ed said.

The thief was on a building listening to everything they said. Then they heard a noise on the roof and the thief jumped off and started running then Justin Ed and I ran after the thief and we trapped him no where to go but a brick wall behind him Justin zapped the thief and the thief yelled out his name “ROOOOOBEEEERRRRTTT” and then Ed and I grabbed cuffs and cuffed him. Then the cops came and threw him in the back of the police van. “At least I took revenge for my partner”  Ed said “Don’t worry me and you will solve crimes from now on” I said to cheer Ed up.

“Ed are you hungry?” I asked, “Yes Crimes make me hungry” Ed said “Ok where should we go?” I asked. “Subway?” Ed said “Sure sounds good” I replied. We walked to Subway and The shopkeeper said “No Pets aloud” “I’M NOT A PET I’M A CRIME SOLVER CHIMPANZEE” Ed yelled back furiously “Woaw Ok.... I take your word” The shopkeeper said. “Can I have the meatball sub with Onion Bacon BBQ Sauce and Cheese” I said “And I will have the same please” Ed said “Ok” The shopkeeper handed their meatball sub “That will be five dollars” “Here you go” I replied handing the five dollars. Ed and I ate our meatball subs and then we were full “That was delicious” I said “Mmhmm” Ed replied. Ed and I hopped in the car and we went home.

It was night by the time we got home, “Goodnight Ed” I said “Goodnight” He replied. We slept and didn’t wake up afterwards because we had a long night.Then we woke up and just did some regular stuff. “Glad nothing strange is going on today”Ed said “Yep just a normal day” I replied, Me and Ed were still sad about John (Eds Partner) “John was a great sidekick” Ed said “JOHN WAS A SIDEKICK?!?!!?” I said confused “Yes he was anyway lets go do something”

Me and Ed were playing then Ed fell through the ground “Ed??” I said “Ed are you ok?” “Eek Ook” Ed said, when he hit the ground he lost his voice. “Uh Oh” I said “Here we go again” “Eeek Ook”

Be on the lookout for CHIMPANZEE AND THE CRIME PART 2 “Wait What Part 2 Are you serious” I answered back at the narrator  Yes now let me finish ok “Eek Aak Ook Eek Aak Ook” Ed laughed.  Be quiet please monkey. Ok anyway Part 2 is coming out in June.  “I will Get out of Jail” Said Robert The Thief. Dun Dun Dun......

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Emperor and Adelie Penguins

This is my reading Activity that I had to do with my group I hope you like my it and please leave some Feedback!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Will.I.Am and A Donation to Maniakalani

This afternoon we all finished morning tea the whole school went into the hall to see who donated to Maniakalani and it took a lot of time for the person to get to our school but when he got here we were stunned we saw cameramen then we saw! When it was done Patrick said a welcome speech after he finished the speech we had the Maori group went up then after the maori group it was the Hip-Hop group.

When we finished all of that talked to us about alot of stuff and how he grew up in a government house and he never met his father. But he also has a passion for science and other stuff. Also Hallenstein brothers have been trying there best to bring to NZ to give us 100,000 dollars it was great seeing for the first time in person. also visited some of the classes in Pt England school. When he cashed the check i thought it was so kind of him to give us money like that. He has a group called Black eyed peas he made the song scream & shout, boom boom pow, and his brand new album platinum. It was a great day to see him.

I thought it was sad that he said he lived in a government state type house and how he never met his father. I about to drop a tear when he said it but when he said his friends were the ones who helped him the tear just stopped. When he showed the 100,000 dollar check I was like “WHAT THE!? AWESOME!!” and after it the GM and A Lady presented the Pounamu (GreenStone) to Will.I.Am.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Antarctic cupcakes

This afternoon I have been learning how to take core samples. We took samples from a cupcake and guessed what the core (inside of the cupcake) looked like. In real life geologists take samples of what is underneath the land. It was fun to drill in the cupcake do you see the holes? Bet you do please leave some feed back and have fun making cupcakes! p.s. Miss Ouano made the cupcakes thank you Miss Ouano for making cupcakes!