Thursday, November 7, 2013

Step-Uncles B-Day over at Chirstchurch

Day 1: On Friday at 6:30 am me and my family went to Christchurch for my Step Uncles B-Day it took a while to get there but when I did we had a load of fun. I saw my cousins Kallum & Brock, Kallum is the eldest one out of Me, Brock & Kallum, It goes Kallum, Brock, Me. The first day (Friday) I tried to play some Mine craft online with my cousin but then I hopped off because my netbook was wayyyyyy tooooo laggyyyyyy and played on my cousins Xbox 360 for a while. Meanwhile they all went out to the Mall, Kallum bought some Xbox 360 games, The games that he bought were: Splinter Cell: Conviction, Syndicate, and a few others that I forgot.

Night 1: When night came when my sister & mum went to bed we had to take the Xbox 360 out of his room and into the lounge, Kallum played his games he got first he played Syndicate: First Person Shooter, then he switched it off and maybe he probably played Splinter Cell after I was asleep.
Day 2: Anyway when day came it was Saturday the day of my Step Uncles B-Day Party, His friends came over and they all had beers but I wasn't in there because Me, Brock, Sister, Mom, & Nana, & maybe my Aunty came as well. We went to the Mall for lunch and also bought me some new shoes.
Night 2: After we went to the mall it was time to go home, it was getting dark everyone was in the garage, OK and a 1 and a 2 and a 3 and a it was cake time! Most of us had a slice of cake.

Day 3: OK its day three this time My Nana, Cousins, Sister, Mum, & I we all went to the beach, Me, Brock, & Sister were playing on the swings and saw some parkourers they jumped off of a roof beside my Nana and Kallum the were doing front flips and back flips it was so crazy we had some food, We all had an Ice cream and a drink. We weren't allowed to eat in Zane's truck, Or Aunty's Car.

Night 3: It was night now I had my shades on dressed in some clothes, Us all went to Lone Star, We got inside. It was time to be seated but it took a while, Once we got our seat we waited to be ordered, Once our waiter came I got an Burrito Ranchero, with a side of Buffalo Chips, It's more like normal Potatoes, I also got a soft drink it was a while after that I felt full, we went home and got to bed.

Day 4: Final Day it was time to go home at 1:35 Brock, Sister & I played Mine craft 360 and finally defeated the ender dragon! We got the ender egg, encase you don't know what they are search Ender Dragon Egg & Ender Dragon to see what it is! It was a sad day, Me, Brock Sister Nana, & Zane went in his truck except Zane didn't come in. Brock & Aunty did though. Once we got in I was going to cry but I held it in, I can't wait for them to come up. It was somewhere about 10 - 20 minutes that we boarded the plane.

Day/Night 4: Landing back in Auckland safely thanking to be alive still although I wasn't really awake I was trying to sleep but we landed before I  fell asleep. As we got home I hopped onto the computer & asked my cousin if he wanted to play mine craft and if he wanted to talk to my Nana Mum Or Sister.

Weekends: Well I finished the stay at Chch and can't wait for school,  Oh man I enjoyed there as much as I do here, Wishing I could be in 2 places at once but you cant so I guess I have got to wait for them to come up this time.

(Bonus Paragraph):It was saturday as we were walking my mum saw someone (or should I say something) on the roof and was drumming I don't know but it was pretty funny. I have no idea what my mum was talking about until I saw it. At first when I saw it I thought it was freaky! Or someone sitting on the roof eating.


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