Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Commonwealth Games Comprehension

1. In what year were the Commonwealth Games first held?

2. What does “CGF” stand for?
c) Commonwealth Games Federation

3. True or False?
Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand and Scotland are the only nations to have attended every Commonwealth Games.
b) False

4. What were the Commonwealth Games first called?
d) British Empire Games

5. Whats the minimum number of core sports the host city must choose?
a) s10

6. How many para-sport events will there be in Glasgow?
c) 22

7. In what years were the Commonwealth Games not Held?
b) 1941 and 1946

8. What are the Commonwealth Games known as
d) The Friendly Games

9. How many medal events will there be in Glasgow?
b) 216

10. The Commonwealth Games are similar to what other international, multi-sport event?
c) Olympics

Friday, July 4, 2014

Instrument Making

Francis: Drum

How to Make it:

Step One: Buy a Pot/Bucket

Find a pot or something like that usually look around at garage sales for pots/buckets

Step Two: Decide what sized balloon is best to use as the skin

Step Three: Cut off the mouthpiece

Step 4: Stretching the skin over the pot/bucket.

Place the balloon over one end of the bowl and simply stretch it over the entire

Sometimes it is easier to do this with three hands, so either use your knee to keep the balloon on as you stretch it over, or ask for a friend’s help.

Step Five: Secure the balloon skin
This is the biggest trick! If the container you’re using has perpendicular sides, like a stew pot does, you can secure the balloon skin by wrapping and tying a non-inflated skinny (twisting) balloon around it. If you’re using a soup bowl with angled sides, the skinny balloon will slide right off—so you’ll need to make it stay put with thick packing tape.

Once it is secured, your balloon drum is ready to play

Step Six: Hit It!

Chopsticks from your local Chinese restaurant make for good balloon drums sticks. Regular drumsticks are too large and heavy. You can also try shishkabob skewers or #2 pencils, using the eraser end to hit the balloon.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Teletubbies Article

The Four Characters Of The Teletubbies (from oldest to youngest):

Tinky Winky (played by Dave Thompson, Mark Heenehan, and Simon Shelton) He is the first and tallest teletubby, is covered in purple terrycloth, He is notable for the red bag he always carries.

Dipsy (played by John Simmit) he is the second Teletubby Dipsy is the most stubborn of the group, he sometimes will not go along with the other’s opinion’s.

Laa-Laa (played by Nikky Smedley) is the third and she is very sweet while also likes to sing and dance and often seen to look out for the others.

Po (played by Pui Fan Lee) Po is the last and smallest Teletubby of them she has a circle antenna which is usually used to blow bubbles.

Last But Not Least

Noo-Noo it seems to be both the Teletubbies Guardian and Vacuum Cleaner.

Teletubbies is a British BBC children’s series targeted at pre-school viewers it was first produced from 31st March 1997 and it had ended around the 5th of January 2001, it was created by Ragdoll Productions. It was also broadcasted on P.B.S. or otherwise known as Public Broadcasting Service, since the 6th of April 1998 until the 19th of June 2005.

Teletubbies, particularly notable for its great films it has been given a great budget which is known as a high production value, rapidly became one of the critical and commercial success in Britain and abroad it had won a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) in 1988. Not so long after something else called Teletubbies Everywhere was awarded “Best Pre-school Live Action Series” at the 2002 Children’s BAFTA Awards.

Even though it is aimed at children between the ages of one and four, it has  a substantial cult following with older generations, mainly University and College students. The mixture of bright colours, unusual designs, repetitive non-verbal dialogue, ritualistic format, and occasional forays into physical comedy appealed to many as who perceived the programme as having psychedelic qualities.

In June 2014 the BBC announced a new 60-episode series of Teletubbies will be aired, with DHX Media, which recently acquired Ragdoll Productions, producing the series. It marks the first new episodes of the series since 2001 also the first to be aired on CBeebies, after reruns were broadcast on the channel. But however, the new series will be filmed on replica model sets instead instead of the Warwickshire countryside (the original setting for Teletubbyland) since a pond now exists there. It is unknown if the original actors will return or not.