Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Seed Stealer

In a dark, misty night two brothers named Louis & John boarded a plane to the Countryside, Once they got there they walked to their home they bought. They went to bed, they slept in until they heard a noise... ...a rooster crowing waking everyone up. They woke up and went to buy some seeds to plant, the seeds cost two dollars each so they bought 10 seeds.

They went home and planted the seeds, Louis planted half the seeds and John planted the other half. When night fell a stranger wearing a mask and holding a hoe in his hand started to dig up the seeds. He stole them and wanted to plant them in his backyard, “They aren't smart what dummies,” the Stranger said to himself, but at that moment Louis woke and saw the guy straight on face to mask. The stranger ran with the seeds in his hands, He jumped the fence and yelled out “You guys need better protection!” The stranger yelled in a slight high pitched voice.

Louis stopped and remembered where he heard his voice, John woke up and went over to Louis, “Hey man what’s wrong why are the seeds out?” He asked, “Huh? Oh that dude I remember his voice from somewhere, I think it was in Las Vegas he shouted the exact same words when we lost our car” replied Louis. 

So Louis walked inside and dialled 111, A voice answered on the other end “Hello 111 emergency state your call” “Um sorry to call so late but can I please talk to the police” he asked “Ok sir putting you through now” An officer by the name of Rick answered the phone, “Hello this is the Police,” “Oh hi sir I just got robbed of my seeds and I would like to know who always says “You Need Better Protection,” Louis exclaimed, “Well that might be Tony Wood,” replied Rick, “Ok thanks sir but can you still come down here?” Louis asked “Oh No No one is on duty but we might come tomorrow”

The next day the police turned up to Louis’ house, Rick brought along his partner Johnny. They walked up to the house and opened the door, they fixed some traps and cameras in the home as well as seeds were planted in hope to catch Tony, as the night passed Rick & Johnny was hidden and when they heard a voice and heard a hoe digging and unharvested the seeds when he took the seeds Tony ran he fell into one of the traps. The police went after him and got him out then cuffed him. The police took him to the station and put him in jail for over five years.

And so it was thanks to the police, John and Louis were able to plant seeds and hope they turn into plants for as long as they want. Seen ten years had passed John and Louis went back to L.V. and lived happily for as long as they lived.


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