Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Camping With The Dead Part 1

Max was a man who loved to camp but he didn’t have internet no tv just a tent, a pillow, and a sleeping bag he had a little food because he would hunt for his food. He never knew that he was the last man to camp, because he was the only man alive it was 2027. “Well I wonder if anyone is here?” Max said to himself, just then when he was grabbing his bow he heard a strange noise. “What was that?!” he said. He started running to where the noise came from, It was tire tracks “I’m not the only one alive I guess”

Two Hours Later* Max soon found the truck, “Here is the truck wonder if anyone is inside” He carefully walked into the truck “Don’t hurt me please!” The guy hiding under a seat of the truck, “Don’t worry I won’t hurt you” Max said. “Its started young man” the man said, “What? What started?” Max was confused, “The Infection has started” He said.

4 Hours Later* “Anyway what is your name?” Max asked “My name is” he paused for a bit “My name is Michael”. “Can this truck go?” Max said “Yes but there is not heaps of gas” Michael said, “Well lets go to my campsite” Max said while shutting the truck door. Off they went to Max’s campsite “Here we are” As they hopped out Max’s dog Josh started licking him. “Michael lucky I stay here so i have to catch my food with this” Max shows Michael his shotgun.

6 Hours Later* “Lets get out of here and on to the main highway” Max says, Michael sees some gas and picks it up. “I will fill the truck up with gas” Michael puts the gas into the truck and the truck is soon fill with gas. “Well Lets Go” So they went to the highway...

TO BE CONTINUED..............

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