Thursday, March 28, 2013

Testing Omaru Creek for - Turbidity

I am going to find out about turbidity of Omaru Creek

I am going to test this by getting some water samples looking at how much I can see through it

Resources and equipment 4 water samples from The culvert, The Bridge The Sea And Tap Water.

I predict that the tap water will be size 9, the culvert water size 12, the seawater 14, and the bridgewater size 14.

I think this because:
The Tap Water Is Very Clean and has been tested, the culvert is sort of clean and can see through it, the seawater is salty and is cloudy and nearly see through it, and the bridgewater is green but you can see a little bit through it  

Results of my tests

Tap water
Omaru Creek water by culvert
Omaru Creek water by bridge

My conclusion (what I found out):
What I found out about how clear the water was Omaru Creek’s Culvert was clean and the bridge water, well not really

Why I think this is Why I think the culvert is clean is because it doesnt have a ot of things in it like rubber and tar also for the bridge it is not clear even if you look through a sample test.

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