Monday, April 8, 2013

Getting Ready For Fiafia

Hi my name is Francis and I am in The Barkerville Factor for Fiafia I really like it because of my tutors Mr S and Mr Barks. I can’t tell anyone what we are doing because its a secret group. It is the school’s 60th anniversary this year, and we are all happy with our Fiafia groups.

I am feeling really excited for Fiafia and also its only one week away!! We used to practice only on Thursdays but now we practice on Thursdays and Fridays because its time soon. For Fiafia the clothes might be paint or repairman clothes probably.

Fiafia will be held in the hall at 7:00 pm make sure you can come along I really wish it was this Thursday and not next week. Get ready to see some impact on Thursday night, from hiphop to Unicycling be amazed that we worked from the day we practised to the night we perform. Hear us perform on our schools birthday make sure you support your child and everyone else.

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  1. Such a shame I was not well enough to stay and watch you perform. I am glad you had a great night though! :)


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