Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Testing Omaru Creek For - Smell

In My Class We Did Some Water Samples. And It Was Smell This Time, When We Smelt The 3 Water Samples They Smelt Weird.

I am going to find out: The Smell Of All 4 Water Types: Omaru Creek Culvert, Omaru Creek Bridge, Sea and Tap Water

I am going to test this by: Smelling 4 different water types

Resources and equipment:
String, Bucket, 4 Jars

I predict that:
The Water next To The Dam and The Bridge is sweet, And The Culvert Not Very Strong

I think this because:
The Culvert Water Has Bits  

Results of my tests

Sea Water
Salty And Cloudy
Tap water
Fresh And Clean
Omaru Creek water by culvert
Clean And Brown Bits

Omaru Creek water by bridge

Smells like doo doo.

My conclusion (what I found out): The plants is making the water bad and Sweet to.

Why I think this is: Omaru Creek is not for a good water.

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