Tuesday, July 9, 2013

For The Upcoming Summer Holidays

In the summer holidays my cousins will be coming over. Brock will teach me some soccer moves. I cant wait also we will be playing Minecraft together on a normal server if we wanted but for now we will just be on a real server until he gets here. I'm going to tell my cousin what I did during school time. I hope my other cousin Kallum will be here so I can really stink up the room he will be sleeping in.

I hope me, my cousin's and family can go to paint ball and team with my cousin Brock. I want to really paint ball Kallum because he always gets smart but not smart at same time it is so confusing. And I also can’t wait because I might be going to see the Lone Ranger Starring Johnny Depp.

I want to make sure that my cousins have a good time if we go to paint ball or if we go to the movies. If we do get to go to paint ball I would grab a sniper paint ball gun and get into a little camping spot so when I see someone I can shoot them right in the leg or back. I like my cousins because they keep me entertained some times if I get extremely bored.

I bet Kallum is taller than my Mum now hope he is. I can’t wait for him to come up also I can't wait for Brock to teach me some new soccer moves. Because he is in a soccer team for his school, he told me that he played a 90 minute game and he also said he played a 60 minute game. I was shocked and then I said "Was It Fun?" just to be smart he replied "No" and then I hummed then we started playing a game together. Well now I can't wait until he gets here because we are going to be doing a whole range of stuff.

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