Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tortoise & The Hare

My name is Slowly Mc Slowly I am called that because I am very very very very slow.

As I look around I see the Hare jumping and running around “I have never won any medals apart from Bronze” I said to myself. As I’m eating some grass the stupid Hare comes over to me and starts yapping on and on and I nearly fell half asleep. Just then my friend comes and asks the Hare to a challenge. “Whom to be my next victim?” The hare asked “Hmm try face"...the fox was thinking... "Slowey” I was afraid against the Hare.

It was time for the big race I saw everyone backing up the Hare and only Mr. Fox was backing me up. I was waiting for Mr. fox to say Ready, Steady, Go, He yelled out and Speedy went flying across the fields but I was just slowly walking across Speedy was up the hill already, I looked at him and I felt depressed a bit but I kept walking. As I crossed the hill I went back down seeing the Hare was fast asleep in a Bush “This Is My Chance” I said in my head.

The Hare awoken and ran back I was sleeping in the Barn The Hare asked “Did We Win?” No one said anything “YOU LOST HA HA HA” Laughed Mr. Fox, The Hare Was Stunned. “Hehe I guess slow and steady will always win” said The Rat The Sheep & Mr. Fox. That day on I was never underestimated for being slow.

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