Monday, July 11, 2011

The Twits

The Twits where the meanist people who you could ever amgine. Mr Twit made circus monkeys hang upside down the monkeys hate Mr Twit but they just have to do it because they where smaller then Mr Twit. Then the Twits always have bird pie every Wednsday. The Twits catch the birds on Tuesdays and one thing that Mr Twit does for a living catch the birds with hugtight glue and Mrs Twit likes to cook them for a living. Then the Roly-Poly bird came swooping down. The Roly-poly bird said “Why are you still in that cage?” Muggle-Wump Replied “Its Mr Twits dream of having his own circus upside down” “Why are there most of the birds not flying around and around here?” The Roly-Poly bird asked “Mr Twits been having bird pie on Wednsdays” Said Muggle-Wump “” “ replied Muggle-Wump the Roly-Poly Bird “Anyway Ill help you Okay". Mr Twit came up with this brliant idea,He said “How about we buy those big shotguns” "We will buy the big shotguns" Mrs Twit replied "Lets go and buy them to shoot them then eat them for Bird pie” “Lets go no time to lose”So Mr Twit said "You Monkeys stand upside down on your head and hands one by one on each !!"

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