Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Show Not Tell Exercise 1

Ms Squires, gave all of us a task we could at least be in groups of 2 so, I partnered up with Braeden who is one of the new kids to our school, we did one paragraph of two stories our first one was about an Angry sister & the second one is about Kyle who is nervous, please enjoy our writings

Emily was angry. Emily asked “Let me come with you! I want to shop with you!!!” “No way you’re too young you will get lost” Laura said, then Emily clenched her fists and started to stomp out while giving her sister the evil eyes and yanked the door open  and locked herself in the basement and she swore and punched the wall” She is such a brat but she has to get over it” thought Laura. Laura opened the door after 5 minutes. Emily looked at her sister & scowled and asked politely “Let me come please Laura” “OK since you asked so nicely” replied Laura.

(Kyle was nervous.) He had put her name down for but is not sure if he will get in the team. He walked away to the bathroom and puked she felt butterflies still, In a few seconds Kyle walked back out to the courts, he started breathing shallow & his legs started to shake. In a flash it was like he fainted but he hadn't yet. He started to have a sweaty palm. He was not confident and but when his name was called out last he almost screamed with joy. He started ran over to hug his mum who was watching the practice for the team. ”I am in the team, I am in the team, I am in the team” Kyle yells in amazement. “This is the best thing ever.” Kyle says.

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