Friday, August 1, 2014

Film Festival Recount

Wednesday 30th, the day we went to the Civic in Town we were peacefully reading our books until Mrs Nua had came in to our class to get the kids who were going to the Civic (I was one), once she had gotten us she then went into the other classes and grabbed the others. She then did a roll call there would only be 35 people to go, “I can’t wait” I said to Kori, who was one of my best friends, “Well I guess it might be fun who knows” he answered back.

While we were heading to the Civic, everyone at the back and front had started singing songs like, Powhiri Mai Ra, Wheels On The Bus, and a few other English & Maori songs.

“We’ve gone past it I think” Kori said. We got off of the bus and formed into two lines. We entered the civic and went down some stairs. Finding our seats we were in the fourth or fifth row. Waiting for the other schools to arrive, we were chatting quietly and loud. Slowly but surely they had arrived. A man had introduced us to what we were watching and how long it was here for, he said “Welcome to the civic theatre there will be at least 15 or 16 movies.”

The first movie was about kids with mums like Nurses, Animal Doctors, Ballerina’s, Dump trucks, but... one kids mum was an Aeroplane!. They had flown all around delivering mail and making everyone/thing happy. 

In the next scene a big scary aeroplane had shown in a scene and was approaching Mother Plane, but it had then stopped, saluted, she saluted back and carried on. 

A storm had trapped her, the storm picked up every other person from the ground while she was surrounded around the storm but she had used her umbrella to pop it, with it gone away and everyone had started cheering. The kid had gotten off of his mum only..... to get on his dad and he was a boat!

The other films were pretty great, there was one called the Numberlys it was all about Numbers has an idea about making the alphabet, they have gotten color, names, and more it seemed to be the best movie I had watched. 

Once the movies were finished, we all lined up and walked out, onto the bus again, this time Kori and I have gotten to the back of the bus, “Yus we are near the back!” I said with excitement to Kori, we eventually got back to school at 12:25.

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