Thursday, August 21, 2014


"Kia ora everyone," said Aroha as we all got a fright. We had just arrived at this Kapa Haka performance in the hall. There were 5 people, another guys one name Lucky. He was humorous. When they were doing really cool  dances the 5 of them had strong powerful voices.

After they had finished doing the dance they picked 2 kids and 1 teacher from our school. Their names were Auri, Korobeau and Mr Goodwin. They had to try copy the moves the man with the stick was doing. They were all funny because all of them did it wrong. When the man and the lady were performing they had beautiful perfectly pitched harmony which nearly made me cry.

Now Lucky and Aroha started doing a really loud hake. Lucky was creeping some of us out because he does really scary pukanas and sometimes they did funny facial expressions. Everybody was giggling because Lucky was making googly eyes and he started whacking people with his Maori stick and said ‘’ Hey why are you laughing!!!’’.

We eventually had gotten out noticing we had to go for a run I moaned for a while. “Well now we are going for a run, man my back was hurting when sitting down” I had said to Brodie who hadn't replied.

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