Thursday, August 21, 2014

Stan Walker Article

Stan Walker is a personal singer which makes a lod of songs. He was born 23rd October 1990 in Melbourne, Australia and 29 years old when he sings Stan will think about whether he would sing with another singer or no. His albums are ,Take it easy, Aotearoa,Black Box,Holding you,Like its over, loud, and Bulletprooth. His dad is Ataahua which he is 66 years of age, it must be tough looking after his dad and his career.

He came a singer by winning the X factor Australia. Then went to bootcamp and made it to the finals so thats how he is where he is now. How much money has he made? $10,000$ Stan is in the top 20's out of all the other famous singers/bands. He gets payed 900 dollars a week thats crazy! (I wish I was stan It would be cool to see what his life is like for a day at least!!)

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