Thursday, August 21, 2014

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

As Class 4 walked into the hall, we saw 2 sets of drums on the stage, there were wooden drums that was the cook islands, while Sergeant Brent had a drum kit.

Sergeant Brent played his drum kit first. He played a cool beat until he picked a speed and away he went, noise being faster and louder. "He had a great beat I actually think I enjoyed it" I had said to myself.

When The Cook Islands play their drums it was cool. These were much faster and much more louder than Sergeant Brent’s drum kit. But Sergeant Brent's drum kit had a great beat then the Cook island drummers.

Now Sergeant Brent and the Cook island drummers  played together. But all I could hear was the Cook Island drum really faster than Sergeant Brent, he started moving two drums to the Cook islands side, Sergeant had started doing some goofy dancing.

We had then had them drum us out back to class, "It was good, I enjoyed the drumming part" I said to Brodie, one of my friends.

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